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I have a terrifying amount of stuff to do and I am... terrified

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hereidrawtheline Thu 06-Aug-09 09:09:05

I have to do so much today and I am really shaking in my boots. It would be fine if I didnt have DS about but I do. He is 3 on Sat (much of this is in prep for that!) and he has SN and it is damn near impossible to get stuff done as he only occasionally and randomly permits you to stop playing directly with him. I do try to involve him in what I am doing but trust me it isnt all that straightforward.

Ok so I need some inspiration or support or something.

I have to add a layer of papier mache to the pinata I am making.

Hang laundry on line, put new load in.

Tidy toyshop I mean living room then hoover the whole house.

weed front garden borders then mow lawn.

bathe, shave etc ready for work tonight (leave home at 5:30)

Attack mountain of papers on kitchen counters.

Copy recipes down for girl I work with.

Um... there is a lot more actually. But Some can be done tomorrow such as packing stuff to sell away into the shed. Cleaning sand/water table out. Packing unused garden toys in shed. The car needs excavating cleaning out but DH has that at work so I am off the hook there.

Am really annoyed now I know there is more and I am drawing a huge blank on what it is. help!

hereidrawtheline Thu 06-Aug-09 09:12:32

the fridge needs to be cleaned, bathroom needs cleaning.

MamaG Thu 06-Aug-09 09:13:36

OK do it in this order. Does DS have a nap? IF so thats the time to papier mache the pinata and do the papers.

1. Hang washing out
2. Get another load in
3. Tidy living room
4. Hoover.
5. (nap time?) papier mache and papers
6. weed garden and mow lawn
7. Bathe, shave etc

Don't bohter with the recipes for girl at work - tell her you had too much on. If she needs them, take cook book in and let her copy them (or sneak onto the photocopier!)

Good luck!

MamaG Thu 06-Aug-09 09:14:28

ok - do thebathroom just before you bathe

hereidrawtheline Thu 06-Aug-09 09:16:40

thank you so much!! That is so sensible.

DS randomly naps so I cant count on it. I can always delegate the papers to DH.

wrinklytum Thu 06-Aug-09 09:16:53

Can sympathise a sstruggle to fit stuff in and also have a sn 3 yo!

What is ESSENTIAL to do first?Would he enjoy helping with the papier mache?

Re washing,dd likes being in the garden and playing with the pegs while I hang stuff out,would this be poss?If I give her simple instructions she can often "Help" me load the washer also.

Does he like to help hoover?I often give dd a soft brush and she pushes it back and forth in imitation of me when I hoover.I take her with me in each room,as she is unsafe to be left alone.

I would do paperwork when dc in bed.

Recipes can wait I am sure.

I often take dd in bathroom with me when I bath and put toys in bath,either have her in with me or she is at side oif bath and chucks water at me,plays with bath toys,or endlessly turns taps on and off.It keeps her amused.

Lawns and weeding,can they wait a few days,unless ds likes helping.

hereidrawtheline Thu 06-Aug-09 09:17:48

am off to hang washing out will be back! Keep me accountable please!

MamaG Thu 06-Aug-09 09:25:15

Right, definitely delegate the papers to DH!

Do the jobs in order listed, but when DS naps, drop whatever you're doing and do the papier mache, then go back to original job when he wakes

hereidrawtheline Thu 06-Aug-09 09:38:13

ok laundry on line, new load in machine.

Am now going to tidy toys in living room.

Doodle2u Thu 06-Aug-09 09:44:48

Is all the weeding and cleaning in preparation for the birthday on Saturday? If so, DITCH IT! Nobody notices if your blinking fridge is tidy and if they do, they're anal!

hereidrawtheline Thu 06-Aug-09 09:55:04

well as for the fridge it is the outside of it that is in a state I dont know how but there are strange dirty marks on it. looks unsanitary. and the party is in the garden so if I dont weed a little we are likely to lose some children.

am nearly finished tidying living room ready to hoover. have to scrape the talcum powder off the display unit hmm

PlumBumMum Thu 06-Aug-09 10:00:13

Why don't you join us over here We post our lists of days jobs including things we have already done, mark them off as we go along, and find we get things done, somehow..

Always someone around to give you a kick in the bum some motivation

hereidrawtheline Thu 06-Aug-09 17:45:32

I fell asleep during DS's nap blush am so ashamed!

I did:

laundry on line, new load washed that load on line - still out there

cleaned living room including dusting

hoovered entire house including some previously unknown cobwebs

I'm know quickly writing down the recipes

that is all I got done blush am so cross I fell asleep but I was sooooooo tired and it was a glorious deep sleep. Will somehow manage to get it all done tonight when I get home from work and tomorrow.

MamaG Thu 06-Aug-09 19:42:29

I think thats quite enough

hereidrawtheline Thu 06-Aug-09 22:18:26

I'm home now and soooooo tired. Am going to do a layer on the pinata and see how I feel after that. DH and DS did the weeding & front garden.

The weeding - my blooming neighbour at 9 am yesterday pointed out all the weeds in my front garden border that were likely to get bigger and go to her side. She does this regularly you know. Really pisses me off to be honest she is such a nosy woman. She will force me to listen to her pointing each and every one out. And in between each one she says "I'm not being horrible but I dont want them coming on my side" (there is a wooden fence between but she can see over it. And she says "I'm not being horrible but..." literally constantly. So I say "no that's fine" and smile hoping she will shut up and let me continue walking down my driveway pushing the buggy and she does not take the hint and THEN in the end she shrugs her shoulders and mumbles walking up to her house as if I told her to fuck off! When I was totally polite! I know enough to grit my teeth and get on with it with the neighbours.

This woman drives me mad. I actually dread walking outside some days because talking to her is such a chore. There is always a stray weed somewhere!

hereidrawtheline Thu 06-Aug-09 22:21:03

I think she expects me to whip them all out of the ground as soon as she points at them... but um - I am not going to! I am dressed and likely on my way somewhere! And I am not going to weed with her looking over my shoulder like a bloody child! I do weed by the way so it isnt as if it looks like a hellhole but she is never ever happy. Not just with us but with her whole life. Every time you smile and say hi how are you? She says "terrible, just terrible" and proceeds to list everything that has gone wrong in her and her family's lives for the last month.

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