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Can anyone help me guesstimate how much these curtains would cost

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melmog Thu 09-Jul-09 16:22:39

to make and fit if you were doing it for a friend??

My friend is going to be making them for me, buying the fabric and everything, and we are trying to come up with a price for her hard work.

I don't want to offer too little but likewise I don't want to offer the online shop prices as we've come to an arrangement that I'll do some babysitting and other stuff too.

If it sounds like I'm taking advantage of her, I'm not. She offered and then insisted on doing it but won't give me an idea of a price. (I'm taking her out for a manicure or facial and lunch too)

There will be:

3 x blackout blinds
2 x childrens curtains
6 x roman blinds
1 x roller blind

It's so vague, I'm sorry. Any ideas at all will be appreciated.

Helen31 Mon 13-Jul-09 16:40:39

Okay, not sure this will help but here goes -

Blackout blinds - Why do you need somebody to make blackout blinds? Can't you just buy a ready made roller blind one from John Lewis, etc and cut it down to fit? Very easy!

Children's curtains - We recently paid £200 for a pair of children's curtains with blackout linings. They were beautifully made, to fit a curtain rail 140cm wide and about 140cm long. The fabric price was £9.95/m for 137cm wide. I would say that a pair of curtains would take the best part of a day to make, but I'm not very speedy.

Romans blinds - Roman blinds are a lot of work to make, so although they are smaller than curtains, there is generally more time taken to make them up. 6 is a lot! I would say that each blind would take me the best part of a day to make, but you'd maybe get quicker if you were doing 6.

Roller blind - again, can't you just make this yourself using one of the kits from John Lewis or similar? It is really easy and so rewarding!

So I think, if your friend is just averagely handy she could be taking on a week's work for you. But she may be much quicker than me!

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