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washing machine still smells

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mumsobusy Tue 09-Jun-09 12:24:56

Please please help me my washine machine drum smell of damp I ve tried 90 degrees crystal soda wiping the inside cleaning the detergent draw but sill if smells has anyone else got any other advice I could try out

Flibbertyjibbet Tue 09-Jun-09 12:31:27

Is the filter or pipes blocked with something?

meadow6 Tue 09-Jun-09 12:33:27

i had this 2 months ago. phoned washing machine repair people but said no point in them coming out as it was a build up of scum. They suggested 90 degree wash. I did this 4 times but it made no difference. I used something from supermarket in the end which worked a treat. Can't remember the name but it is specifically for breaking down soap build ups. Got it from sainsbury's and it was about £3.50. Go and have a look for it cos it worked 1st time and machine was absolutely stinking and was making the washing smell too.

shelsco Tue 09-Jun-09 19:25:00

don't know if this works but when i bought mine from a small local shop, the man recommended putting a capful of bleach through on a 90 degree wash about once every 3 months to stop it smelling. haven't got round to trying it tho!

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