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pillowcase shapes and sizes - what si the basic oblong one called please?

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mckenzie Tue 20-Jan-09 19:37:37

I'm trying to do an on line order and have the choice of Oxford, Housewife and Square. I'm just after a bertie basic pillowcase for DS. Which would that be please? TIA

QwertyQueen Tue 20-Jan-09 19:50:35


mckenzie Tue 20-Jan-09 19:58:19

thank you very much smile

wotulookinat Tue 20-Jan-09 20:00:00

isn't a normal one a housewife one?

mckenzie Tue 20-Jan-09 21:56:55

oh no!! A dfifference of opinion!!

whoingodsnameami Tue 20-Jan-09 21:58:25

Not oxford, that has edging, you need housewife.

bella29 Tue 20-Jan-09 21:59:36

I thought oxfords have the sort of flap thing round the edge, whereas housewife ones are just plain.

Have a look at the White Comapny's website - they might explain wink

mckenzie Tue 20-Jan-09 22:00:33

thanks everyone

sagacious Tue 20-Jan-09 22:00:56

housewife is plain oblong, oxford is also oblong but has a sort of flappy edge round it

whoingodsnameami Tue 20-Jan-09 22:03:00

this is an oxford pillowcase

Goober Tue 20-Jan-09 22:04:43

Housewife is your standard one. The Oxford has the edging, making it bigger.

mckenzie Tue 20-Jan-09 22:20:57

thank you all very much. It is definitely housewife that I want then. Off to change my order!

hellymelly Tue 20-Jan-09 22:23:59

Yes,a housewife pillowcase is the bog standard model,an oxford has a flat border that extends around the case.and then of course you have frill borders,ladderstitching,.........

SallyJane1 Wed 21-Jan-09 19:07:20

I have found the most friendly advice on duvets/pillows etc at Have spread the word to friends and family - if you have any wierd requirements probably a good place to go. Size guide is here:

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