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I just bought a carpet cleaner & it's not sucking up any

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KatyMac Fri 16-Jan-09 21:10:26

The carpet isn't too damp - but there is no water in the dirty water tank

Surely this is wrong?

breaghsmum Fri 16-Jan-09 21:19:38

what make, model etc have you bought? did you read the instruction manual just to check if there's something specific you have to do?

KatyMac Fri 16-Jan-09 21:22:38

Well I did my best with the manual hmm not my area of expertise

this one

Millarkie Fri 16-Jan-09 21:23:53

Oh I did this recently with my Bissell - if there is a switch to choose between 'tools' and 'floor' check that it says 'floor' blush

breaghsmum Fri 16-Jan-09 21:26:46

ok i have a vax, not that model but when using it, you squeeze the trigger to spray out the foam while going forward and then release the trigger to suck up the water/dirt/ shampoo while pulling back. is this what you have been doing? or does yours have a different way of doing it? usually all you need to read in the manual is the 'getting started' bit

Lilyloo Fri 16-Jan-09 21:27:50

I have a vax, the old orange one, there is a grey switch at the base that if you push it sucks up water check as it should be filling with dirty water!

KatyMac Fri 16-Jan-09 21:28:43

Millarkie - no switch (that I can see)

Breaghmum - that is exactly how I have been doing it....manual is a bit light on detail

LittleMissNorty Fri 16-Jan-09 21:29:50

I've got a vax - different model and it works the same as breaghsmum....when you squeeze in the trigger, my carpet gets very the water going down in the clean water tank?

Then let go of the trigger and go over that area to suck up

KatyMac Fri 16-Jan-09 21:30:42

Yep water going down - I am on my second tank

Dirty tank is empty

LittleMissNorty Fri 16-Jan-09 21:30:45

I find warm water works better as well

LittleMissNorty Fri 16-Jan-09 21:31:57

oh very odd! Is there any suction to feel when its switched on? Is there anything on the vax website?

breaghsmum Fri 16-Jan-09 21:35:00

have you checked you have the dirty water tank all connected right, (i know its not rocket science) but make sure everything has 'clicked'. it does sound strange. is it new or 2nd hand?

KatyMac Fri 16-Jan-09 21:35:07

Ah ha

No suction - lots of blowing


Lilyloo Fri 16-Jan-09 21:44:12

You should feel / see water being sucked back up when drawing it back ??

KatyMac Fri 16-Jan-09 21:54:53


I am phoning the helpline in the morning (in amongst everything else I have to do tomorrow)

breaghsmum Sat 17-Jan-09 09:09:29

have you had any luck with the helpline yet?

KatyMac Sat 17-Jan-09 09:43:50

Yes there is a float.....& it wasn't floating

breaghsmum Sat 17-Jan-09 10:06:52

good stuff. glad you got it sorted. you can clean to your hearts content now!!!

Mrswhapples Sun 07-Jun-15 18:24:28

I know this is a very old thread, but be just bought a Vax and it's also not sucking up any water. I can't find the float and have checked any connections. Did they get you to do anything to yours?

WashingUpFairy Fri 12-Jun-15 10:45:20

If it's like mine the float is in the dirty water tank. Give it a good rinse under the tap to make sure nothing is stuck and you should be good to go.

rrawson3 Fri 12-Jun-15 15:17:23

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Tutu1000 Fri 12-Jun-15 15:19:10

If it is the cylinder Vax carpet cleaner have you made sure that the pipe from underneath the motor part of the unit is hanging in the water?

Tutu1000 Fri 12-Jun-15 15:21:21

This is the type of cleaner that I'm talking about here. I have borrowed my DSIL's one a few times and have on a couple of ocassions got very cross with it not working properly only to find that I've forgotten to unclip the pipe and dangle it in the water.

Alisonwonderland1066 Mon 24-Oct-16 20:52:33

My vax dual power pro carpet cleaner isn't sucking water into the dirty tank AV looked at it but now the clean water is running into the dirty one any help plz

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