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Wrong topic, I'm sure, but urgent Yorkshire Puddings question

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dippica Sun 02-Nov-08 16:28:41

Can I use strong white flour instead of plain white flour???
This was my first venture into the YP making thing and its gone wrong before I even started - only a teaspoon of plain flour left in the house.
Would it be a complete disaster??
Or would self-raising be better - my recipe says don't use sr flour, but...

KatyMac Sun 02-Nov-08 16:30:50

Yes - but the longer your leave the batter to stand before you use it the better (IMO)

dippica Sun 02-Nov-08 16:41:12

Great, knew I could rely on MN for a quick answer. Thanks, will go for the strong flour and see!!

KatyMac Sun 02-Nov-08 16:45:48

The longer it stands the more the (Gluten?) flour breaks down

Strong flour will take longer (I guess) to break down

Good luck - I love Yorkshires

ChipButty Sun 02-Nov-08 16:46:02

Echo KatyMac - leave batter at least half hour before using.

fymandbean Sun 02-Nov-08 16:46:08

definitely don't use the self raising! they go flat if you do wink

dippica Sun 02-Nov-08 19:18:04

Well .... they weren't quite right, could have done with a bit more cooking I think, but they did rise nicely, were crispy on top etc, so 8 out of 10 I think. Not bad for a first effort and the wrong flour.
Unlike the beef itself which was so rare it was nearly walking off the plate, so I had to nuke it for a minute or two at the last minute grin

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