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Monday Fly - Home Bleuring day

(33 Posts)
TheMadHouse Mon 22-Sep-08 08:26:16

Morning all


Zone is the master bedroom

picknmix babysteps

minorbird Mon 22-Sep-08 08:32:18

Morning TMH

Had a lazy day yesterday! DH did the cleaning. I've got to spruce and mission and babystep but then, I've got a LOT of work to do. So will be trying to refrain from mnetting!

Have a happy monday everyone.

TheMadHouse Mon 22-Sep-08 08:34:07


We are up and most of the morning routine done.

Zone clean list

Clear cobwebs
Clean inside of window - Done
Clean blind
Wash Floor
Clean mirrors
Wipe woodwork inc skirting
Tidy drawers
Throw away empty bottles
Clean shower cubical


Clear cobwebs
Polish Furniture
Clean inside of window - Done
Empty and clean bin
Wipe woodwork, inc skirting
Clean Mirror warbrobe doors - Done
Flip Mattress -Done
Wash Bedding - Done
Sort Makeup
Tidy wardrobe - done (last week)
Tidy Drawers - Done (last week)
Sort under bed (shoes did last week)

So I have made a good start on my zone clean.

Other jobs for tomday

Home bleuring
Buy T bags
Lable Waterproof I bought for DS1 for preschool
Clean DS1's school shoes
Buy red polish
DS1 Preschool
DS2 Nap
Whats for dinner

lucysmam Mon 22-Sep-08 09:15:29

Good Morning smile

minor am jealous of your dh doing the cleaning yesterday envy Shouldn't be really, he does his best to help out.

Mad what a long list! I could do with something like that

I have 3 kids (including 1 big kid) today until nursery for J.

Jobs for today:
~tackle pot mountain in kitchen
~brekky for me and oh
~get dressed
~wash team footy kit
~td kit & fold into its bag
~thorough clean in bathroom inc. hoovering cobwebs & inside of window
~clean inside of kitchen window
~s&s kitchen
~hoover stairs hmm
~shop for a few pieces of fruit for today and tomorrow

Job for when lo is in bed:
~swap toys around
~pull out chair and tidy behind it
~finalise online Asda order
~hoover living room

& that's about it for today. Off for brekky for me and oh, catch up later xx

grouchyoscar Mon 22-Sep-08 09:39:25

Morning TMH Minorbird and Lucys

Had to go to bed last night before a few jobs were done as I was so exhausted blush Caught up with things this morning tho so I can tackle my To carry to do list now.

Start with the carpet tyhen the bedroom. TTFN

ludaloo Mon 22-Sep-08 09:48:29

Morning ladies smile

minorbird ooooh how nice....someone else to do the housework for a change envy

TMH Very impressive list there!

Lucys have a good day with all 3 kids smile

GO don't overdo it today smile

Well I'm just about to start on the house.
DS is at home with me today he is still poorly sad
He woke up this morning with a stomach ache, he was as pale as a sheet and his eyes were all completely blood shot sad poor little thing, he doesn't do being ill very well, he always suffers more than anyone else!
He's an excellent patient though, lies still and takes his medicine and loves a nice cuddle every now and then. He's watching "Over The Hedge" ATM.

I'm still borrowing the neighbours washing idea when ours will be fixed/replaced!

RubyRioja Mon 22-Sep-08 10:21:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

tortoise Mon 22-Sep-08 10:21:41

My headache just got worse! See here angry

If the weather stay ok we are going to the park with friend instead of coming back here. Will be nice to let them run round outside.

Need to put DD2's sheets and duvet out on the line. Wet bed yet again!

grouchyoscar Mon 22-Sep-08 11:29:12

Done all my to carry forwards jobs so I'm up to date now

Well just the job apps to do now

Hope Ed is going to behave at school today hmm

tigger32 Mon 22-Sep-08 11:43:03

Morning all,
tortoise poor you thats very naughty of them! Hope you can sort it soon.

Lucys We have been wondering about shopping online, can you tell me, if i start picking items then need to go off and do something else can I save the things I've bought and come back to it later? or do you just have pick things and then send the order straight off?

I have managed to get quite a bit done today

Morning routine
stripped my bed and ds2's
Been to toddlers
Eaten huge slab of birthday cake grin
hoovered d/s
Not going to dust as the cards are in way!
Whats for dinner (spanish chicken)

To do

Stip and remake ds1 bed
make my bed and ds2
Hoover dust up/s
Clean glass/mirrors
Book london eye tickets

laurasmiles Mon 22-Sep-08 11:43:10

Hi all - gentle babystepping goin on here - day 18. Just getting to the point where i feel all itchy if I even consider going to bed without cleaning the sink first - so something must be sinking in! (pardon the pun grin)

Have no more washing, after the morning load to put on, as for the first time in months I am bang up to date smile

Just finished the mission and couldn't beleive how much junk it was possible to fit into my toiletry/cosmetic drawers - everything from curtain rail clips, IPod charger, an old phone, tablets, pens and children's socks! blush

Feels good though. Thank you again for helping me find this, it's really working for me grin grin

tortoise Mon 22-Sep-08 11:47:39

Thanks Tigger. I think maybe i should call my supplier and check the pre-pay card will still work. I don't want to be without gas!

TheMadHouse Mon 22-Sep-08 12:07:11

Hmm. I have just been totally shamed by my boys in the local co-op. I popped in after playgroup to get some t-bags on offer and we went down the home bit, to check out boot polish and they both started sqirting the washing up liquid.

I wanted the groud to swallow me up. I ended up paying for two ampty bottles of expensive washing up liquid.

tortoise Mon 22-Sep-08 12:10:43

Oh dear TMH. (Sorry had to laugh a little although not funny for you) I would have wanted the ground to swallow me up too.

Wasted my whole morning phoning around to sort out gas supplier, now have to pick DD2 up from school and i haven't got anything done.angry Apart from hanging bedding out!

tigger32 Mon 22-Sep-08 12:14:35

Am very excited I've just booked my London Eye tickets smile
Just got to find smoewhere to eat now

TMH Sorry I had a little chuckle too!

scattyspice Mon 22-Sep-08 12:23:36

Hi all.

Oh Mad poor you those boys are being little monkeys! They remind me of my 2 last yr, always up to mischief. Tis exhausting no?

Tortoise PITA gas companys. This happened to us last yr, DH delt with it and we didn't have to change company but its not what you need eh?

Laura - well done girl smile.

I've had a busy weekend with Dad staying and sister visiting etc. Lots of catching up to do:
House bleugh
wash sheets


cafebistro Mon 22-Sep-08 12:58:23

Afternoon everyone smile

Had a busy morning. Went for a long walk and to the shops. Lots to do this afternoon.

To do-

Home blessing
Empty dishwasher and reload
Empty w/m
Take dry things off line
Put wet things on line
Look at mission

My head is might lie on the sofa for an hour while DD napping.

TheMadHouse Mon 22-Sep-08 13:42:31

Zone clean list

Clear cobwebs - Done
Clean inside of window - Done
Clean blind
Wash Floor - Done
Clean mirrors - Done
Wipe woodwork inc skirting
Tidy drawers - Done
Throw away empty bottles
Clean shower cubical


Clear cobwebs - Done
Polish Furniture - Done
Clean inside of window - Done
Empty and clean bin - Done
Wipe woodwork, inc skirting
Clean Mirror warbrobe doors - Done
Flip Mattress -Done
Wash Bedding - Done
Sort Makeup - Done
Tidy wardrobe - done (last week)
Tidy Drawers - Done (last week)
Sort under bed (shoes did last week)

So I have made a good start on my zone clean.

Other jobs for tomday

Home bleuring
Buy T bags - Done
Lable Waterproof I bought for DS1 for preschool - Done and dropped off
Clean DS1's school shoes - Done
Buy red polish
Playgroup - Done
Lunch - Done
DS1 Preschool - Done
DS2 Nap - Done
Whats for dinner

Decided to crack on and get stuff out of the way for the xone clean adn then I can concentrate on other areas during the week when DS2 is asleep and DS1 at preschool.

Shannaratiger Mon 22-Sep-08 14:11:19

Afternoon all

Tort I'd be so pissed off, hope you gave them hell on the phone grin
TMH Fab list, haven't even looked at mine yet. blush That's why ds stays in the buggy in shops.
cafe Hope the nap works on the headache, I usualy find a pint of water helps to.
minorbird shock DH cleaning.
tigger when are you going on the london eye?
Hi Scatty lucy grouchy lucy laura
I've had abit of an annoying morning. DD's first full day today, was going to get loads done until DP phoned and said the ATM won't give him any money shock. Turned out the cheque doesn't clear until tomorrow and the payments inc. Credit card are due today. After quick sprint into town, transfered more money i ncash, uped teh O/D limit so can now relax.

Right have finished lunch.
To do:
Sort out washing, thought it was going to rain this morning so put the washing in the T/D, of course it's been sunny all day.angry
Wash up and shine sink

Have a good afternoon everyone

tigger32 Mon 22-Sep-08 14:32:16


shannara We're going to London this weekend to celebrate my 30th! shock London eye is booked for Sunday, Dirty Dancing for Saturday grin
I am very excited!!

Ds2 is sleeping so I've managed to get a fair bit done, did his sheets before he went down
all beds changed
up/s dusted
mission done
general tidy up/s
paid bills
done hand washing
2 loads in w/m all drying

will hoover while dh baths los later
just got glass/mirrors to clean

It's really raining here and can't decide whether to walk to school or go in the car!?

Hope everyone is having a good afternoon

sagacious Mon 22-Sep-08 16:00:38

Pish and fandangle

Have rashly offered my house as a meeting venue for tonight

Better get off mn and bloody clear up !

lucysmam Mon 22-Sep-08 16:56:54

Just having a quick read through, will read properly later on

tigger on Asda you log in, start shopping & can log in n out as much as you want without losing your list smile

Back for proper catch up later on after swimming bath time

TheMadHouse Mon 22-Sep-08 17:18:53

Evening ladies

Just sorting the pasta for tea

I have sorted the mad storage cuboard in the kitchen - it is a dumping group really for the cat litter, swimming stuff, veg, carriers etc.

Also picked DS1 from preschool and walked to the library - borrowed 2 books instead of buying them smile

Also managed to sell two things on e-bay and found some more baby stuff to sell - yippee

I feel as though things are going to be OK for christmas.

Update on mum - steriods are kicking in and she is starting to feel better smile

grouchyoscar Mon 22-Sep-08 18:06:33

Done List

Washed Edroom window
Vac staircase
Steam cleam grotty corner of landing carpet
De-odorise with bicarb
Dust and vac bedroom
Dust front room
Vac landing
Vac Front room
Go to collect Ed - he's at afterschool performing arts club (!?!)
Collect Ed #2
Do lunches
Make snack
Run through his new spelling list (10/10 well done for 1st time)
Uniform out for morning
Clean shoes

Got to get some reading out of him today and that's my jobs done for the day. DH wants to make tea. Mind you he's at football tomorrow so I don't feel too bad wink

BiancaCastafiore Mon 22-Sep-08 19:22:30

Worked all day.
Kids been whingy since they got back from school.
Dh still out.

Overall not one of the best days I've had

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