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HELP!! How can i keep mould off the bottom of my sofa??

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mad4mybaby Mon 18-Aug-08 13:21:08

Noticed a few months ago some mould on bottom of sofa when someone came to repair it and obv scrubbed it off. However today i noticed its come back and doesnt smell very nice! What can i do??

Is there any thing you can spray on that will kill it off? The sofa is just over 3 years old.. on warranty left on it and we dont have the money to replace... No idea why it is mouldy as it doesnt touch the floor (its on feet) and when the guy came to repair it he goes 'you must've spilt milk or something on it' well the cushions are very thick and the bottom ones dont even come off so it wouldve had to have been a whole cow load of milk.....!

maidamess Mon 18-Aug-08 13:22:54

Do you mean black speckly mildew, or bluey mould?

mad4mybaby Mon 18-Aug-08 13:24:28

without turning it upside down (cant at the mo as DH away and pg and it v heavy) it is def white... dont know if there is any black in it as have just stuck my head underneath!

maidamess Mon 18-Aug-08 18:06:07

I can't imagine why there would be mould on the sofa unless you have a damp problem in your house. Are you sure its mould?

mad4mybaby Mon 18-Aug-08 18:12:07

yes def. House is only 2 years old and the carpet and wall arent damp plus the other sofa is fine. Can only see that something was spilt that wasnt cleaned up. Ds had severe reflux as a baby ( now 2) and can only think its old sick or milk (sorry tmi!)

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