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right now, i dont know why i bother

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misdee Wed 23-Jul-08 19:35:02

have spent today rearranging kids bedrooms in preparation for new baby/summer hols, which meant moving bunkbeds from one room to another, and the mid-sleeper from that room to what is now just dd3 room.

have put al their clothes lovingly away in the correct drawers, have put the toys away, put up new storage pockets, put u[p a tent bit for the midsleeper for dd3, and the rooms look lovely.

so dd2 just chucks clothes around, which got me yelling to put clean stuff back in the drawers and dirtty stuff in the laundry basket (which is a daily occurance), and dd3 on purpose shock a cup of milk all over her lovely clean bedroom floor. i know it was on purpose as the cup was on her bed, with a lid on, yet the milk was on the floor.

am p*ssed off, hot and sweaty.

am going to have a cool shower and watch s0ome tv in bed with the fan on.

S1ur Wed 23-Jul-08 19:38:02

Oh frustrating. It is like filing in a tornado isn't it.

misdee Wed 23-Jul-08 19:42:10


dd3 is a monster though. she is a one-girl hurricane of destruction.

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