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Help - my white bath is turning yellow (iron in water)

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catski Tue 08-Jul-08 10:00:19

Our hot water has a fairly heavy iron content, and consequently my white bath is slowly turning a horrible yellow colour. I've tried tried the usual bathroom cleaners and scrub scrub scrubbing really hard, but it's not shifting (that used to work, but now I think there is just too much of a build up). Same thing with the white tiled wall where the shower is. Can anyone recommend a way of getting rid of it?

firsttimemama Tue 08-Jul-08 10:04:13

I think I have this problem too - but mine is more orange looking and is also in the toilet so it's not only the hot water for me. Could it be iron or something else?

catski Tue 08-Jul-08 10:38:07

We had a guy come round from the water authority (don't really know what authority it was as we're in sweden and my husband organised it) - he tested the water which showed iron in the warm water, but not in the cold. As it wasn't at an unsafe level he said it wasn't worth trying to fix as it could cost an arm and a leg and be a major hassle.

Maybe we just need to buy a yellow/orange bathroom suite!

OurHamsterisevil Tue 08-Jul-08 13:31:15

I have dripping taps in my bathroom that do this. I used toilet duck limescale remover and it came off. Hope that is some help

catski Fri 11-Jul-08 15:45:43

Thanks OurHamsterisevil - I'll give this a whirl.

Tried spraying bleach onto it, leaving it, and then scrubbing, but it didn't make much difference.

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