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How do i remove suntan lotion stains on white t-shirts?

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nobodysfool Mon 12-May-08 18:37:07

They seem to leave a yellowish stain.
They can't be bleached as they have a coloured picture on the front.
Have you got any foolproof ways of removing them?

nannyL Mon 12-May-08 19:11:05

i havent yet

except for wearing lots and washing lots and line drying lots and eventually it fades more and is less obviouse

laura032004 Wed 14-May-08 07:50:06

No idea sorry. My current sun tan lotion - piz buin all day factor 30 doesn't seem to do this though if that's any help for the future?

traceukw1 Wed 14-May-08 21:22:03

This may help you

JackieNo Wed 14-May-08 21:25:49

Agree with Laura - change your suntan lotion - we use the same Piz Buin one, and it works well. When we used Soltan last year, it left horrible yellow stainsangry.

scatterbrain Wed 14-May-08 21:27:04

I found that that pink Vanish liquid got them out !

Seasider Fri 16-May-08 15:44:19

My remedy is a cup of soda crystals in with the whites. even works on school shirts with Soltan -lotioned collars!

donna2209 Thu 30-Jul-15 11:38:03

Hi I have found an article about this but I haven't tried this myself so do not know if it works. Disclaimer!
The chemical in the suntan lotion that causes white clothes to go yellow is Avobenzene which eliminates the long ray UVA. It has a similar chemical set up to rust and if you live in area with hard water this can make it worse. Apparently using bleach and oxy cleaners will also have little effect or make it worse. The suggestion is that you use a rust remover or a cleaner for removing rust or mineral deposits. This can only be done on white clothes. (I would defo do a test before). It suggests you spray a small amount onto affected area and gently rub in and leave for 5 mins then wash as normal.
If anyone tries good luck and let us all know

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