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I don't think I'm brave enough to face the SHED

(16 Posts)
KerryMum Mon 03-Mar-08 11:04:07


It really needs sorting. It's only 6x8 but it is so jam packed with I don't even know what anymore that I can't FIND anything. Hell, I can't even get in there anymore.

I've only had it for 2 years! shock

Am thinking some shelves, hooks for gardening things, etc. As I'm hoping to maybe get a dryer out there some day.

So what is the state of everyone elses shed and just how big a job is it?

FAQ Mon 03-Mar-08 11:06:37

we have 6 x 10ft greenhouse which is actually our "shed" - it's also jam packed with stuff - hasn't been sorted since we moved in 3 1/2yrs ago - and is also full to the seams grin

misdee Mon 03-Mar-08 11:07:46

mine is 6x8, i can just get the door open to reach the animal food and bedding.

the rest is chock full of crap and needs sorting.

i am waiting for the warmer weather. and hoping it stays as wet as last year so i can afford doing it for a year.

i have been here 3.5years blush

KerryMum Mon 03-Mar-08 11:09:13

there's a lot of empty boxes in there - just in case something breaks down. I'd love to bin them. Should I keep them?

Yes, warmer weather, that's my excuse and I'm sticking with it grin

MehgaLegs Mon 03-Mar-08 11:10:29

Just on ething - there will be LOOFAHS!!!

KerryMum Mon 03-Mar-08 11:12:17



there is some ongodly extraterrestrial one just inside the window. The web is thick as cotton and MASSIVE. I can't see it anywhere but keep brushing web away and it's back just as thick in a week! shock

It's probably a host of my mutant loofahs.

KerryMum Mon 03-Mar-08 11:12:39

Better than the wasps that keep trying to build nests in it though.

KerryMum Mon 03-Mar-08 11:12:39

Better than the wasps that keep trying to build nests in it though.

dizzydixies Mon 03-Mar-08 11:13:14

oh kerrysmum am the same but its my dh's territory and it is soooooooo full of crap when I went out the other day I couldn't get the door open. with arrival of dc3 in july I need it to be emptied out, its our only storage we don't have a roof space, and I want it done soon - has has all sorts in ther ffs - a kitchen door for a kitchen we no longer have, curtain poles when we don't have curtains?!?

am going to hire a skip and tell him its costing more for every day it sits out there

good luck to you too!

Niecie Mon 03-Mar-08 11:14:26

We have two small sheds, which we inherited when we moved in. One I don't mind as it only has the boys bikes in and an old pushchair. Not a big deal.

The other has mice. Or at least it did have last year and I have no reason to think they have moved out. It is piled high with gardening stuff which I now don't fancy disturbing in case one of the little furry things comes scuttling out. I will be braver when DH has had the mower out a few times but he can go first.wink

MehgaLegs Mon 03-Mar-08 11:15:00

I got a shed from freecycle a few weeks ago. The lady and I dismantled it together. We spent the majority of the morning running around her back garden screaming and flapping each other down - she didn't like the big loofahs either - it broke the ice.grin

KerryMum Mon 03-Mar-08 11:19:00

skips too dear round here. no roof storage either. shed is it.

I'm going to assume if I've gotten mice in the house this year I'll probably also have them in shed....sad

that sounds like an awful lot of work mehgalegs!

MehgaLegs Mon 03-Mar-08 11:24:29

It was, it was also rotten, DH burnt it sad. I thought I could paint it.

Niecie Mon 03-Mar-08 11:34:36

We had mice in the house too, about 6 months ago and got the pest controllers in. I think they came from the shed. Now I am worried that there will be little mice corpses, if there aren't the actual mice.

My own fault for leaving a bag of bird food out there - they must have thought Christmas had come early judging by all the sunflower seed shells all over the floor.

KerryMum Tue 04-Mar-08 09:39:31

Next time put the bird food in a covered plastic tub niecie.

I'm now seriously dreading the shed. If there's mice in the house, surely there's some in the shed? And the boys have a playhouse (shed) and door doesn't close all the way. Am seriously hoping there's nothing in there (still not much stuff in there though for mice to hide in but a few buckets.

Niecie Tue 04-Mar-08 13:33:10

Good idea Kerrymum but that would require foresight and organisation. I would also be better off letting the birds feed on it but it is a vicious circle. I don't go in the shed to get the food because of the mice but the mice have food to eat because I don't put it out for the birds.

Do you thin maybe that I am overthinking this?hmm

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