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How dirty is the inside of your car?

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helenelisabeth Mon 18-Feb-08 21:01:03

I am ashamed of my car, it is fecking atrocious inside, banana skins, apple cores, bits of Greggs sausage roll grin, the list goes on...

Just wanted to know, do you fall into the above category or do you have your car valeted weekly?

twospecialgirls Mon 18-Feb-08 21:03:53

lol absolutly the same banana skins, muddy wellies, dolls, hats ,odd gloves ,cherios, empty costa coffee cups blush( would be starbucks but dont have one near me lol) dp goes mad he cleans it every few weeks

Lubyloo Mon 18-Feb-08 21:04:15

I am definitely falling in to your category. My car is awful!

WinkyWinkola Mon 18-Feb-08 21:04:59

Mine is rank too. Mud, babybel wrappers, old drinks cartons. Nobody cleans it. I may have to before long. Wonder how much it costs to get it valeted?

fletchaaarr Mon 18-Feb-08 21:05:16

mine is mingin'

grin blush

AnotherFineMess Mon 18-Feb-08 21:05:40

I'm with you helenelisabeth. The only time I've ever had it valeted was when I left a smoothie in it, which fermented and exploded.

I'm ashamed to give people lifts and really should do something about it, but when DO people find the time to clean their cars?!?

SparklyDYSONGothKat Mon 18-Feb-08 21:05:41

My house is clean and tidy, my car is another matter, it is minging!!

PestoMonster Mon 18-Feb-08 21:06:59

My lovely new car is still valet-tastic grin

MinkVelvet Mon 18-Feb-08 21:08:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

JingleyJen Mon 18-Feb-08 21:10:34

mine is messy but with random paper stuff - a million notifications from school about one thing or another,
I don't let the kids eat or drink in the car (we don't do long journeys at the moment so there is IMO no need)

helenelisabeth Mon 18-Feb-08 21:11:03

Glad I'm not the only one twospecialgirls! I found in my boot today; lunchbox with mouldy sandwich, mouldy tangerine, black banana skin,2 hats, 1 expensive Monsoon gilet with black skid mark now gracing it from my pram, 2 tracksuit tops, crisp packets, nappies (clean I may add), sandals from last summer. Disgraceful I am. Strange thing is, my house is absolutely immaculate but my car...

Cremolafoam Mon 18-Feb-08 21:11:16

oh god mine is filthy.dh refuses to get in it unless there is an international emergency. i promised myself when i got the car( new) that i would treat it like a temple.but no it is like the inside of a busted vacuum cleaner.
i put it down to all the hours waitng for has become my lving capsule. i frequently have lunch in, mumsnet if i am near a hotspot,transport things like christmas trees and children. there is also The National Collection of used carrier bags in the boot.Its called recycleing , i ve heard.

Califrau Mon 18-Feb-08 21:12:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

helenelisabeth Mon 18-Feb-08 21:14:07

We are selling ours hence I have been ordered asked nicely by DH to clear it out. It is an Audi A3 (3 door) so absolutely tiny but I managed to fill 2 bin bags with shite!

I managed to fit a Bugaboo, M & P Pramette and 2 scooters in the boot the other day though, well impressed!

midnightexpress Mon 18-Feb-08 21:14:11

Knee-deep in all sorts of unmentionable horror.

Changes of clothes that will not fit anyone if they are ever called out for service.

Misc foodstuffs (remnants of) and wrappers thereof.

Assorted small toys, books

Little bits of paper with directions to various places,important phone numbers etc scribbled on

Random road map pages

Bits of buggies

Probably mice.

AnotherFineMess Mon 18-Feb-08 21:14:17

Ha Califrau, mine already looks like it has carpet on the dash...but no, it's just thick dust!

MaureenMLove Mon 18-Feb-08 21:14:35

The inside is 'nearly' as filthy as the outside! My boot is my filing cabinet for Rainbows stuff and the inside is usually covered with a selection of sparkly bits that have fallen off of pictures done at playgroups and blobs of paint that haven't dried! Piles and piles of carpark tickets overflowing out of the ashtray too!

pedilia Mon 18-Feb-08 21:15:12

Mine is awful but then I do have 3 children, 3 horses and a dog!

DH is always complaining about the state of it and how his is so immaculateangry
Not to difficult as he only ever has himself in it!

helenelisabeth Mon 18-Feb-08 21:16:00

Califrau - you are joking?! Where do you live?

onepieceoflollipop Mon 18-Feb-08 21:17:05

Lol at AnotherFineMess

Mine is filthy, I did have it valeted once as I had transported an unsecured 5 litre tub of fence stain in the passenger foot well. (you can guess the rest). The sloshing noise as I drove home as quick as possible was a little disconcerting...

I hate transporting paint etc now. I always tie it up in many bags!

helenelisabeth Mon 18-Feb-08 21:17:59

My mum didn't use her car for a month as she was ill, she got in it one day and there was mould growing all over the inside of it! shock

PrincessPeaHead Mon 18-Feb-08 21:18:33

why do children rip pieces of paper into TINY bits? Aughhh
I used to have a hand car wash next to my hairdressers so every 6-8 weeks it would have a good wash and hoover out and would be ready by the time I came out. But the bastard place has just shut, so it hasn't had a wash for about 3 months....
Must sort it out

onepieceoflollipop Mon 18-Feb-08 21:18:57

Pedilia you put the horses in the car? grin

callmeovercautious Mon 18-Feb-08 21:19:00

Very blush I daren't even share the details or no one will talk to me ever again.

SnappyVelour Mon 18-Feb-08 21:19:18

very very.

i even have it cleaned once a month, and i havce to attck it with a big black bag first...

and even when hes done it only looks ok for about an hour.

but id rather have mud and mess and happy kids than stress everyone out trying to be clean... even in my least sane moments i know theres more to life than clean. grin

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