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How do you get a runny poo stain out of a carpet?

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Elf Thu 27-Sep-07 14:21:15

It is DD2's not mine. I tried rubbing it with a cloth soaked in water and washing up liquid. Then I sprinkled bicarbonate of soda onto it, I'd read that that would stop the odour. However, there is still a bit stain. Any ideas? Amazingly I can't remember having this problem before, I think it is the runniness which has caused the problem. Nice.

LadyOfWaffle Thu 27-Sep-07 14:22:07

Carpet cleaner? I don't think anything else every budged poo off my carpet.

LoveMyGirls Thu 27-Sep-07 14:22:38

Get a brown carpet wink erm seriously what about some vanish carpet spray?

LadyOfWaffle Thu 27-Sep-07 14:24:09

don't do what I did and rub a cream carpet with a green scourer... it is forever green now!

SpawnChorus Thu 27-Sep-07 14:24:11

Couldn't read the title and not come in to offer a sympathetic pat on the shoulder.


Ditto LoW re: carpet cleaner. e.g. 1001 spray

glitterchick Fri 28-Sep-07 09:36:52

Agree with LoveMyGirls - Vanish spray or foam will get it out. Spray it - leave it, then scrub it in.

totaleclipse Fri 28-Sep-07 09:38:58

Ok,sounds crazy but shampoo and a scrub works, this is a regular accurence for me.

Elf Fri 28-Sep-07 13:41:34

Thank you. Re carpet cleaner, what is is about my brain at the moment, I just didn't think of that obvious idea. I may try the shampoo one too as that is in the house. Thanks all.

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