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Post holiday washing how many days?

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LaCod Tue 04-Sep-07 09:22:34

cos i am on day THREE fgs fro a 12 week holiday ( including towles nad bed linen)

LaCod Tue 04-Sep-07 09:22:41

12 DAY hol

LaCod Tue 04-Sep-07 09:24:37


RubySlippers Tue 04-Sep-07 09:25:16

you should take towels and bedding to the local laundrette for a service wash as that makes a big difference ...


LaCod Tue 04-Sep-07 09:25:38

ohg od no parkign driving hassle
haev taekn diuvet to be dry cleaned tho

bozza Tue 04-Sep-07 09:28:55

It took me four days but that was because I was working (arrived home unfed at 7pm on Monday and was in the office at 8am on Tuesday) so could only line dry one load a day until the Friday when I don't work. But I did wash on holiday. But still had all the ironing to do, which was also completed by the Friday.

LaCod Tue 04-Sep-07 09:29:13

my dryer cant keep up

portonovo Tue 04-Sep-07 10:01:00

We caught up with the washing/drying within one day (it continued to be fine and dry once we were back, so everything dried outside), then the ironing took another day.

LaCod Tue 04-Sep-07 10:04:11

ONE DAY?? how many kids?

MrsSpoon Tue 04-Sep-07 10:09:12

Usually takes me three/four days, we don't have a dryer so it would depend on the weather, if raining then that could be extended to a week.

Where have you been?

MrsSpoon Tue 04-Sep-07 10:11:03

Although should add last few holidays have been to a place with a washing machine which is fantastic, I just shove a load on every day when we are there and bring back at least one case of clean washing ready to iron.

kittylouise Tue 04-Sep-07 10:12:01

About a week. The house looked like a bomb had dropped.

Now that summer (summer?) is finally over just threw all (washed) summer clothes and towels in bags and hurled them up into the loft. Can iron that lot next year.

Am still tripping over the suitcases in the kitchen.

Am NEVER AGAIN coming back from holiday and going back to work the very next day!!

TinyGang Tue 04-Sep-07 10:13:20

9 big loads after a week away.

Just got through it all then we went away again for another week.

Each time the pile was so big it had it's own base camp, sherpa and snow cap.

tiredemma Tue 04-Sep-07 10:15:54

last hol I went on they had a laundry service so I just gave them all of our stuff and came home with clean clothes in the suitcase.

I bloody LOATHE washing.

LaCod Tue 04-Sep-07 10:23:49

western france

Charlee Tue 04-Sep-07 10:25:19

I do 3 loads a day of washing and drying everyday except xmas, regardless of holidays!

If i don't i get bogged down!

NomDePlumeIsIrrationallyAngry Tue 04-Sep-07 10:29:06

0 days.

Family of 5, 1 week holiday

Bedding was changed and washed the day before we went and we had a washing machine (and dryer, although didn't use it) at the house we rented. One wash a day was plenty to freshen up all our bits and bobs and the stuff dried in about an hour.

MrsSpoon Tue 04-Sep-07 10:35:26

V nice Cod, that explains the "la" in your name then! grin

bozza Tue 04-Sep-07 11:22:09

The reason it took me so long was because I was straight back to work and line dried the lot. Would have taken longer if it had rained.

ComeOVeneer Tue 04-Sep-07 11:26:13

None. We got back from a 2.5 week holiday yesterday. We hired towels and bed linen, and I did laundry there whilst in the rented house and this weekend we stayed in a hotel (wedding) and had the laundry service do it, so just the clothes we travelled back in (bliss).

Mercy Tue 04-Sep-07 11:30:00

We got back on Saturday having been away for a week - and I only finally unpacked the kids bag yesterday!

Two loads done, 1 more to go until I've caught up.

(and then there's the ironing to do.........eventually)

portonovo Tue 04-Sep-07 11:51:22

Three kids here. We got home just before teatime, shoved the first wash out. Did another wash that evening and hung both washes out overnight. Next day did the rest of the washing and dried it outside. Then took another day to catch up on the ironing.

We often have a washing machine in the cottages we rent, but I've never felt the need to use one yet.

BecauseImWorthIt Tue 04-Sep-07 11:53:24

Had a washing machine and dryer in our house in France (rented - we don't own one!) so came back with mostly clean stuff.

And then I'm blessed with (?!) a DH who takes responsbility for all the unpacking, putting away and washing and drying. grin

KTeePee Tue 04-Sep-07 15:34:37

Took over a week because the weather was so bad here when we got back - too cold to get things dry outside and my dryer is no good to dry from totally wet...

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