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FLYBabies....Skipping the boring bits and moving on to Day 7

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Jas Fri 31-Aug-07 06:38:01

Day 5, day 6, and now we are on day 7smile for anyone who missed the exta days yesterday.

We have only added a two minute hotspot to the routine, plus todays addition of choosing tomorrows clothes before bed tonight. The missing days are writing the beginnings of ou routines down, and turnig around any negtive

Jas Fri 31-Aug-07 06:43:00

The mission is optional. It is not part of the babysteps.

FunkyGlassSlipper Fri 31-Aug-07 07:18:32

Morning Jas. It looks like everyone did really well and I love the shiny sink pictures grin

I'm knackered as I've been up since 5. Needless to say I'm not dressed. DD2 has just drifted back to sleep so off to get a cuppa and look at my nice sink

alycat Fri 31-Aug-07 08:07:21

Morning, I'm going to catch up today - already on my 2nd loads of washing!

Thanks Jas for all the effort you are making to keep us FLYbabies on the straight (shiny) and narrow!

alycat Fri 31-Aug-07 08:29:32

Thanks Jas, I've just seen my gold star! grin I write on pants and vests (yes even those have to be labelled)we also have to put hanging loops into nearly all clothes - my poor stiff fingers!

Have now unloaded the dishwasher and hung out laundry - I just love theose laundry reminders!!

FunkyGlassSlipper Fri 31-Aug-07 08:31:18

Ok, I've caught up.

I'm dressed.
Have S&S'ed bathroom.
Washing in and dishwasher on.


Jas Fri 31-Aug-07 08:31:26

No problem alycatsmile I'm enjoyin it, andmy house is definitely reaping the benefits.
I'm dressed, as are ds and dd1. Sink is shiny, kitchen surfaces are wiped, and floor swept. I hav put away most of the clean laundryshock All ths babystepping is really helping me. I ca't remember the last time I had all that done before 8.30grin

dd2 is lounging in her nightie, and still hasn't eatenblush That one takes after her mother.

pobletsmum Fri 31-Aug-07 09:14:28

Just like to add my thanks to jas for keeping us going. grin

ludaloo Fri 31-Aug-07 09:19:32

Morning all smile

Well, I am up, washed and are still in PJ's....eating sausage sandwiches!

So far I have:
~Made brekkie and tidied up (I did empty my D/W last It was all ready for action this morning smile)
~Stripped beds, flipped mattresses
~Put a load of washing in the machine

I even managed to empty the tumble dryer and fold the load...and put it all away before going to bed last night! Its just as well really as I have created a mountain of washing already today!!

I echo the thanks to you too jas you are doing a brilliant job smile

winemakesmummyclever Fri 31-Aug-07 09:19:41

Hi, any chance I can join you guys? I have been meaning to get into this flylady thing for ages, but don't think I could keep the momentum going on my own. Do you have to sign up to the website or just keep checking in here?

ludaloo Fri 31-Aug-07 09:28:51

Good name! grin makes this mummy pass out!

You are more than welcome to join us smile
Its up to you whether you join the site or not....jas is very good at keeping us all up to date on here if you decide not to smile

Jas Fri 31-Aug-07 09:40:40


Welcome winemakesmummyclever. I will do daily links to the FL site for everyone, so it is up to you. You don't have to join and sign up for the emails. Some love them. I just get bogged down, ad deleted them all without reading them so I cancelled.

tibni Fri 31-Aug-07 10:11:06

Hi everyone,

quite organised his morning, even managed to get my fridge cleaned!

I have a "to do" list for today although my biggest challenge is keeping awake as I had a bad night with DS.

Friends over this afternoon, they are collecting some out grown clothes and toys - so that should help declutter.

I have been doing extra; but im really starting to see the difference - long way to go but i've made a start.

Concerned about next week when kids are back at school. I do voluntary work attending meetings and writing reports which tends to take over days and evenings. Shout at me if I start to slack!

Thanks Jas, this thread is really helping

harleyd Fri 31-Aug-07 10:22:32

firt day back for school and nursery run
my sink is most definatly not shiny
am now flopped on the settee wanting to get up and sort it, but not bothering to

tjacksonpfc Fri 31-Aug-07 10:24:06

morning all ok im dressed sink is nearly done have washing in but ive got to clean out the rabbit hutches today as we are away at a big show from tonight. so wont be able to do anything else this weekend but will do double monday ok.

alycat Fri 31-Aug-07 10:27:00


You have been setting such a good example to us lightFLYers too!

Why not set a timer for 15mins, then you can have a well deserved coffee break for 15 mins after - it works for me (and yes I know you are supposed to do 3x15mins before a coffe break, but sometimes a girl needs a little motivation!)

harleyd Fri 31-Aug-07 10:29:01

<harley is up and moving>
grin thanks for that, will report back with a shiny sink and a coffee in 15mins

blossomsmine Fri 31-Aug-07 10:47:02

Morning all! Got to go to work in a minute (late start today, hurray!!) so........
I have so far,
cleaned bathroom and kitchen
Done one hotspot
Two loads of washing done and on line
Nice clear and clean sink
oh and taken my eldest dd to her parttime job

Should i hoover before i go..........NO
See you all latersmile

harleyd Fri 31-Aug-07 10:48:57

kitchen is cleared. it looked worse than it actually was. coffee in hand, then off to swish.
this morning was chaotic, i dont know why because each uniform had been set out in thier own piles last night. going to get better routine sorted for monday.
oh and i have loaded the washing machine too, so getting back on track

pobletsmum Fri 31-Aug-07 12:43:50

I'm dreading monday. Have to leave the house (ready for work) by 7.50am to take DS (2;3) to nursery. I've had 6 weeks off work, so it will come as a HUGE shock to my system. At least I will have laid out my clothes on sunday night (flylady style!) so that will be one less thing to organise mon morning. There won't be much hope of me doing any de-cluttering that day (I think that's when de-cluttering starts?) as I'm 16wks pg and struggling to do anything at all in the house on the days when I don't have to do anything/go anywhere, never mind a work day! I'm still suffering all day nausea so I'm just happy that I'm managing the baby steps so far.

pobletsmum Fri 31-Aug-07 12:50:52

well done harleyd - this thread is great for motivation isn't it?

Madwelshwoman Fri 31-Aug-07 13:19:35

Ok so far have:

washed one load and put on line
Cleaned kitchen

Need to do a hotspot later on and 15 mins decluttering (am I skipping ahead here???)

Another load of washing

Might write stuff down later i.e. basic weekly plan for shopping, animal clearing out etc in my luurvely new raspberry Life Book Leather covered thing-a-me-bob

Didn't manage the getting dressed bit this morning, kids woke me up as I couldn't be bothered to get out of bed to be honest, must try harder to resist snuggly duvet vs early morning nappies and general malaise!!!!!!

SlightlyMadShockwave Fri 31-Aug-07 13:33:05

Good afternoon....just got back from work...

Shiney sink still in order (I think DP is shocked)....

I have to say I have a relaxed day as I always (well maybe not weekends) get my clothes out the night before.....

Am liking this ATM...but it still seems too easy...not which hotsot do I chose?????

<Actually I may go and examine my pillow as I waited up until 12:30am for DP to come in last night...>

SlightlyMadShockwave Fri 31-Aug-07 13:34:54

Ooooo just checked the mission - and it was one of the things DP did thoroughly yesterday so I think I can tick that box

<one very happy SMS smile>

<maybe I should do a load of washing....or maybe a 15min declutter hmm>

NormaStanleyFletcher Fri 31-Aug-07 13:52:34

Can I join?

Got up, hung out load of washing, put another load in, sink was shiny.

Got baby dressed, got DH up, then came to work.

I will have to do a hotspot tonight (which one to choose!)

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