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Self cleaning ovens

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Rshard Tue 08-Jan-19 16:47:56

Bit of a boring question to those that have these, how often do you tend to run the self cleaning programme? We have a new one and despite being super careful, there’s a few marks. It won’t last but while it’s new and I’m still excited I want to keep it sparkly clean!


SpoonBlender Tue 08-Jan-19 17:02:40

When it's a bit crusty, so once every year or two - we only tend to have muckiness if a big lasagne or crumble has bubbled over.

Don't waste energy by running it unnecessarily. It's an oven, it'll (a) get a bit messy every time you use it and (b) clean itself a bit every time you use it.

Lollicent Tue 08-Jan-19 17:11:26

I do mine every few months or if it's really grubby.

NicoAndTheNiners Tue 08-Jan-19 17:17:31

I've used it once in 2 years! Turns out I'm too much of a slattern to even bother with it.

MsMamaNature Tue 08-Jan-19 18:51:16

Once a month.

Rshard Tue 08-Jan-19 18:54:54

Thanks everyone, some good guidance. Sure I’ll start off keen and the slack off......

giftsonthebrain Tue 08-Jan-19 19:01:45

It heats up my whole kitchen/living room. So I do it on cold days 3/4 times a year.
I have to leave the racks OUT, otherwise they change color.
I also open adjacent cupboards and the bottom storage drawer.
Turn on the fan, it can get smelly.
Good luck

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