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Good supermarket or chain store pillows

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rara67 Sat 03-Feb-18 12:18:23

All our pillows need replacing, so I need to buy at least 12. Unfortunately unlike mattresses you can’t test them before you buy. I could just buy a couple and test them myself but I don’t know where to start. Has anybody bought pillows through Groupon? They look like a good deal and decent quality. I like the idea of cotton covered ones. What can you recommend please?

ChishandFips33 Sat 03-Feb-18 18:40:30

We have IKEA pillows

Have also tried Tkmaxx - all are good

ChishandFips33 Sat 03-Feb-18 18:40:49

...and Matalan!

rara67 Sun 04-Feb-18 18:19:15

Thanks Chish. I am nowhere near Ikea but can easily get to Matalan and Tkmaxx. Hadn’t thought of either so will go and have a look online now....

80sMum Sun 04-Feb-18 18:26:04

I have John Lewis Siberian Goose Down pillows. I absolutely love them. Like sleeping on a cloud.

They cost a bloody fortune, mind you! But I have had mine since 2010 and they're still ok. I'm just beginning to think about replacing them in the next year or so.

EverybodyKeepCool Sun 04-Feb-18 18:28:34

Try Aldi, you can buy them online as well as in-store. They are pretty decent and they do anti snore ones that have had good reviews for a fiver

Note3 Sun 04-Feb-18 20:08:15

Depends what you want from them support wise. My pillow is from wilko and is like a brick in some ways bit it's what I wanted as provides lots of support via the heavy memory foam. DH got his in Matalan and loves it as it is medium firm with some give

wowfudge Tue 06-Feb-18 07:54:22

Argos has good deals on multi packs of pillows. I bought some Silentnight ones from there before Christmas when I realised we didn't have enough pillows for everyone coming to stay with us. Good quality, not too thin and 'free' pillow protectors in the pack.

SmiledWithTheRisingSun Sat 10-Feb-18 17:32:51

Anti-snore you say?! shock

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