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Stale cigarette smell

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RowenasDiadem Sun 21-Jan-18 23:53:59

DD hosted a sleepover for two nights with 5 girls visiting. Two from heavy smoking households. Now DD's room stinks to high heaven of old stale fag smoke off the girls.
We know when those particular girls are visiting (DD is 11 so DD walks in and out the house all day with various pals) because you can often smell them from the living room.

I've changed all the sheets and swept the floor then mopped with Dettol but I've just been in to check creepily stare at my babies the kids and the smell smacked me right in the face when I opened the door. How do I get rid of it? What the heck is it cloning to? The beds are metal, not divan or anything.

CheapSausagesAndSpam Mon 22-Jan-18 00:01:55

Curtains and all soft furnishings including cuddly toys and cushions will beed to be washed...if you've got blinds, wipe them down with a weal solition of water and dettol.

Wash the fabrics as hot as possible with added softener....

Her clothes too will all need to be washed and carpets at least wiped over with the dettol solution.

RowenasDiadem Mon 22-Jan-18 00:12:28

Cheers, I've done everything but the curtains. I guess it could be those. It's strange, I've sniffed everything in the room and can't pin it down. Very frustrating. Laminate floor at least so that got mopped. Bed and furniture got wiped down with dettol solution.

They've been round hundreds of times but this time one was saturated in the strongest smell of stale smoke that we've ever smelled. I suspect it's down to the terrible snow keeping her and her folks stuck indoors for days on end.
I'll check everything again. There's lots of coats on the back of the door. There is a huge stack (two DDs) so I'll have to get on it first thing.

MikeUniformMike Mon 22-Jan-18 14:35:30

small dish of vinegar in the room should help.

wowfudge Tue 23-Jan-18 07:11:44

Are you sure no one has been smoking in your house?

specialsubject Tue 23-Jan-18 14:53:29

get them to shed top layer of clothes in the hallway on their next visit. Ideally they should wash hair and all clothes but that is hardly practical or polite for visitors.

only remedy is to wash fabrics. Dettol etc isn't needed or useful, will just add more stink.

That said, I hate the dog-turd stink of fags as much as anyone, they will reek but it is surprising they leave that much of a stink when they've gone - unless of course they have been smoking themselves.

poor kids.

RowenasDiadem Tue 23-Jan-18 16:30:50

Yeah the kids definitely don't smoke. And there's no smoking been going on in our house, the smell is old and stale. And very, very strong. Fresh smoking smell is different.

It's been a couple of days now and the room is back to normal. Thanks for the suggestions.

Apple23 Wed 24-Jan-18 01:57:18

Has something belonging to one of the girls been left in the room?

RowenasDiadem Wed 24-Jan-18 14:46:31

@Apple23 I washed DD's coat which was on the hanger behind the door. I think it was that as that's where the visiting kids hang their coats and it would explain the strong smell every time I opened the door. Probably because my nose was right next to it 😂

hoopieghirl Thu 25-Jan-18 01:18:43

Buy a cheap air purifier, get small bottle of anti tobacco fragrance. It really does work.

Chloe1984 Thu 25-Jan-18 19:12:34

Those poor kids, makes you wonder why parents are still smoking indoors with young children living at home. Leaving the windows open for as long as possible would be the best bet if lingers.

Goldmonday Thu 25-Jan-18 19:15:10

Me and DH are both smokers blush non smokers often comment that out house never smells of smoke, and it's all thanks to the Febreze anti tobacco plug ins. They are amazing and smell beautiful. Get a couple to plug in whenever they stay over!!!

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