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Loos and lids

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GrubbyWindows Wed 17-May-17 12:55:27

I am moving (aaargh) and have two loo quandaries.
Current loo is quite new, and in good condition. Except! I am most particular, and always flush with the lid closed, and the underside of the plastic lid has yellowed where the flush splashes up, yuck!!! I am scared to bleach it on case it yellows the plastic even more, and it's one of those idiotic seats you can't change without uninstalling the whole bloody loo...

The loo in the new place is pretty grim and has a black ring at the waterline- any top tips??
Thanks in advance

tammytheterminator Wed 17-May-17 14:15:35

Take the toilet seat off and put it in the bath upside down. Give it a swish of water with the shower then sprinkle biological laundry powder on it. Give it a good scrub then sprinkle with more powder/water. You want a thick paste consistency. Leave for as long as you can. Repeat the process as many times as necessary.

Ours was horrid. I had tried various things and this is the only thing that has worked. I did scrub and sprinkle about five times with ALDI washing powder.

tammytheterminator Wed 17-May-17 14:16:47

Sorry, just saw you can't take it off. Give the powder a go anyway. Might be a bit more difficult with it upright!

GrubbyWindows Wed 17-May-17 18:33:13

Oooh that's a genius idea- I will see if I can get it into a good thick paste and see how I go, hopefully it will stick a bit.
Thank you!

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