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My George vacuum has died!!

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Albadross Sat 24-Dec-16 19:19:37

He's started making a horrible noise. Anyone know much about George's innards?

TrustySnail Sat 24-Dec-16 19:22:47

What sort of noise is it? Does it happen as soon as you switch him on, or only when you enable his squirter?

Albadross Sat 24-Dec-16 22:48:20

It sounds higher pitched than normal and it's on the regular vacuuming setting

TrustySnail Sat 24-Dec-16 22:59:40

Ah - I've only had funny noises on the wet setting of mine (I use a Henry for dry vacuuming). Have you checked that there's nothing stuck in the filter or hose?

Albadross Mon 26-Dec-16 00:03:09

DH checked all that and thinks the motor has burned out sad

Two Georges dead in 2016!

TheoriginalLEM Mon 26-Dec-16 00:04:21


Albadross Mon 26-Dec-16 09:00:33

What was the hmmfor @Lem ?

Fluffycloudland77 Mon 26-Dec-16 11:53:24

Miele. You can't beat a Miele vacuum.

loogino Mon 26-Dec-16 21:52:06

sorry to hear about that, looks like it's time to get a new hoover. As others have suggested you can't be a good ole Miele vacuum cleaner, one of the best I've ever brought and it's never let me down.

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