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Kitchen tile floor always dirty! What to do??

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cooj Sat 24-Dec-16 14:06:10

We've just moved into a new house. The previous owner put these large cream tiles in the kitchen and I mop a few times a day and they are always dirty. Every drop of water turns into a dirty patch. It's driving me crazy! Is there anything I can use to keep them clean for a bit longer?
Changing the tiles is not an option at the moment.

loogino Sat 24-Dec-16 15:57:00

Have you given flash floor cleaner a try? This is really good stuff to use on your floor.

Fluffycloudland77 Sun 25-Dec-16 19:01:25

Do you know what they're made of?. I'd use Lithofin products & find an appropriate product to strip them and then re-seal.

Mum2jenny Sun 25-Dec-16 19:22:52

Just ignore them and ensure your food never lands on them....

Iggity Wed 28-Dec-16 17:45:28

We have this issue but self inflicted. Area between island and sink is the worst. Think we are going to get a mat for this area.

bonzo77 Wed 28-Dec-16 17:51:48

Matt or gloss. If they're mat than you're fucked because the dirt gets ground in. If gloss they come up beautifully and quickly with microfibre (cloth or mop) and water. Maybe a tiny bit of elbow grease but not loads.

SimonNeilshair Thu 29-Dec-16 08:57:31

Iggity we have the same self inflicted problem, I really wish I'd never had them. They always look filthy! 3 kids, 1 cat, 1 dog and living rurally. what was I thinking fshock

sorry OP no words of wisdom, following in case any one else has

statetrooperstacey Thu 29-Dec-16 09:35:11

I hav solved this problem very efficiently. Clears throat. . . . Drum roll. . . . Buy lower wattage light bulbs. You're welcome.

AdventuresInHifi Thu 29-Dec-16 09:39:49

I go over mine quickly with a steamer ,does drive me crazy though especially as every little crumb looks glaringly obvious

dangermouseisace Sat 31-Dec-16 18:11:11

dry the tiles after washing.

Make people take their shoes off in the house.

lbanks Mon 02-Jan-17 15:06:17

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

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