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Mount Washmore Support thread

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UntidyAn0n Wed 12-Oct-16 08:41:07

Trying to establish a housework routine one step at a time. The never ending laundry cycle needs to come first. One load a day, full cycle of wash, dry and put away. I iron as we wear.

I do great for four or five days till the basket is more or less empty then it all goes to pot again until we're overflowing!
I've moved the laundry basket into the kitchen, that helped for a while. I now think the game changer will be a basket with two compartments one for light and one for darks. I've decided to be a bit less precious about sorting and treating the laundry too.

Today I will rewash the load that's been sat in the machine wet for two days blush and dry and put a new load in ready for tomorrow morning. And waste an hour online looking for the perfect new laundry basket!

shovetheholly Wed 12-Oct-16 08:45:46

I had this issue, and I found that part of the problem was that I wasn't washing on weekends so I was constantly on top of it on Friday and then overwhelmed again on Monday. I've instituted washes on Saturday and Sunday and roped DH into helping, and it's now much easier.

I also don't iron unless I really need to (mostly only shirts) and I have a weekly session where I do it all in one fell swoop. Most things look just fine if you take them out of the machine straight away and either spread them out properly on an airer or fold and put away. Life is just way too short to iron duvets - I just do the pillows and use a bedspread. wink

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