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Cleaning white bathroom suites

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DirectorofDomesticLogistics Wed 21-Sep-16 16:24:37

This is driving me potty... I use wipes (usually flash ones) to wipe down my tiles, windowsills, toilet, basin & pedestal etc and I tend to do it once a week, but as they are white, all I seem to do is be moving the dust/loose dirt/hair from one side to the other and there always seem to be bits still left over once I've finished.

How does everyone else actually make sure that the dirt and dust is picked up/collected? confused

Slothlikesundays Wed 21-Sep-16 16:25:30

I clean with bathroom cleaner and a sponge then wipe down with kitchen roll.

DoYouRememberJustinBobby Wed 21-Sep-16 16:26:07

After wiping down with a cloth and cleaning fluid, I dry thoroughly with another cloth before hoovering all the tiles and the suite. Not a trace of pube or dust.

celeste83 Wed 21-Sep-16 17:31:03

I start by wiping down the surfaces with loo roll which is flushed to de-dust. Then hoover the floor before actually cleaning the bathroom as you do. I also use a rag to dry the different item (bath, sink, loo, etc) after i have cleaned them and move onto the next item.

DirectorofDomesticLogistics Thu 22-Sep-16 12:41:04

Thanks all, I'll give the wiping down with a dry cloth first ago, I guess that will help collect the dust, I don't know why but I just assumed everything would cling and stick to a wet wipe/cloth better. But I'll try anything!

PhoenixJasmine Thu 22-Sep-16 12:47:49

I wipe down sink, sides of bath and windowsill (above the sink) daily after I use the bathroom in the morning, 30 seconds with a microfibre cloth and daily bathroom spray. Really no time at all but it makes the weekly proper clean much easier as there's much less build up.

OCSockOrphanage Thu 22-Sep-16 12:48:05

No help, but love your name OP!

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