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Pillow recommendations please for neck ache

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Trickymoments Wed 14-Sep-16 15:47:41

I keep waking up with a really stiff and sore neck. As soon as I'm upright it disappears. Either I'm sleeping awkwardly or I need a better pillow. I currently use 2 pillows & both are quite flat.

Had a look online and some pillows are quite pricey. I don't mind spending the money if it helps but I'd welcome some recommendations please before splashing out.

Can anyone help? Thanks

takesnoprisoners Wed 14-Sep-16 15:59:58

I got a curved one from IKEA and it is lovely. No more neckaches. Can't remember the name sad

Trickymoments Wed 14-Sep-16 16:09:18

Thank you, is it like one of those travel pillows?

P1nkP0ppy Wed 14-Sep-16 16:11:35

Get a memory foam 'dog bone' one, absolutely brilliant. Tempur do one but there are cheaper ones. I wouldn't be without mine, it even goes on holiday with me 😀

AprilSkies44 Wed 14-Sep-16 16:12:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

OCSockOrphanage Wed 14-Sep-16 20:45:05

Memory foam is hot to sleep on; Dh has been suffering from pins and needles and has taken to using my old V shaped BF pillow from the White Company; but I don't know if they still do them... DS is 17!

HateSummer Wed 14-Sep-16 20:48:59

I went to TK Maxx and bought a memory foam pillow.

I had severe neck pain that travelled up to my temple. For about a month I thought I had brain cancer it was that bad. Anyway, medication didn't help and I was dosing up on ibuprofen which wasn't good. I've had the pillow for about 3 months now and I don't wake up with a neck ache or head ache anymore.

takesnoprisoners Wed 14-Sep-16 20:53:11

IKEA This one, OP

Trickymoments Wed 14-Sep-16 22:25:09

Thanks takesno that looks good and is a lot cheaper than some of the other pillows i've found when searching. TK Maxx also a good idea thanks.

madmother1 Wed 14-Sep-16 22:29:25

I have a flat one and then a feather one on top as I love a pillow I can plump up. I have been known to take my pillows with me when I stay at hotels or friends house as I have never found comfortable pillows away from home. Do you have a window open at night by any chance? My velux window blows on neck and has caused my neck to hurt the next day.

madmother1 Wed 14-Sep-16 22:30:00

I got my feather ones ftom Dunelm. Btw smile

Trickymoments Wed 14-Sep-16 22:32:20

Madmother, yes I have been sleeping with window open as it's so warm. What's a velux window?

Trickymoments Thu 15-Sep-16 10:24:14

Last night I added an extra pillow so I had 3 pillows, 2 quite flat & the 3rd more plump. I was almost sleeping half sitting up. No neck pain this morning, how strange.

I also had 3 glasses of prosecco last night....not sure if that made a difference😂🍸

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