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Fridge organisation

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ChipmunkSundays Tue 13-Sep-16 21:00:29

If you have a large fridge, how do you manage to avoid losing things in it and not noticing until they´ve gone bad? I seem to have to watch ours like a hawk if I don´t want to find mouldy jam, soggy lettuce leaves etc lurking somewhere at the back!

At the moment it´s got in the main body of the fridge: 4 x big glass shelves, 1 x wire bottle shelf (with indents for lying them on their sides), 1 x smaller glass shelf, 2 x shallow plastic salad drawers, 2 x deep plastic drawers at the bottom. Then the fridge door has: 1 x fridge door rack for standing milk etc upright, 2 x small wire shelves, 1 x egg rack, and 4 x semi-transparent plastic boxes with lids that slot in. (Well done if you followed that...)

At the moment I don´t use the lidded boxes in the door or the deep plastic drawers at the bottom as it´s too easy to lose things in there and forget about them. But we do keep a lot of Stuff in the fridge, and it´s such a waste of space!

How do you organise your fridge so as to maximise efficient use of space without losing track of what´s in there?

mypropertea Tue 13-Sep-16 21:14:17

Watching with interest as we hope to become a two fridge family by putting one in the garage soon.

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