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damp mold mildew how to clean?

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renakaur Mon 15-Aug-16 23:50:01


I'm renting a house and this year the damp is coming through the wall of our bedroom from outside and causing loads of mold and mildew across the walls (covered in textured paper), the ceiling and the UPVC windows too. Theres also some on the carpets too.

Whats the best way to clean these different surfaces? Need to get it clean asap as i have a baby coming any day now and husband is severely asthmatic and its been worse lately and until last night didn't know why.

This is just what I dont need right now! Any advice would be excellent thanks!!!

VanillaSugar Mon 15-Aug-16 23:55:56

Ugh - is it black mould? That can cause respiratory problems. See if you can clean the mould off with a special Mould & Mildew cleaner. It's basically bleach. Careful - it will burn you if you get it on your hands and it will bleach your clothes (I learnt this the hard way!l

Then.... keep the rooms as well ventilated you can.

Then..... but a dehumidifier. The best one I found was from Homebase. It's white, has a 3l capacity and was about £75. Pricey, but money well spent. It's noisy though.

Gosh, can you tell I live in a damp house? What does your landlord say? Any chance of him/her doing damp proof course?

lauracobden Tue 16-Aug-16 00:36:19

Hi Rena,

Sorry to hear about your current circumstances, have you had a word with your landlord about the issue? If you want to take some precautionary measures right away then i would recommend this mould cleaner In the long run i think it's best you have a word with your landlord as these are unsuitable circumstances for you and your husband to live in and as you have a baby on the way even more so of a reason to get it sorted.

Thanks and good luck:-)

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