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Marie Kondo Kids stuff?

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DaisyEmma Tue 14-Jun-16 14:56:28

I love her and I have worked my way through most areas with great satisfaction, however, I'm stuck as we have two girls 4.5 years apart, I'm desperate to chuck out things DD1 has grown out of (clothes and toys) but I know DD2 could use them, I already have about 6 plastic boxes full of DD1 clothes to pass on, and surely that will just increase? Also not 100% sure this is last baby..

After DD1 I chucked out a lot, but then found myself having to buy so much again..
Any tips for organising their things or advice gratefully received......maybe I just need to reduce it all and keep best bits?

TryingtobePrepared Wed 15-Jun-16 21:36:31

Not done kondo but tempted but do have 2dd born 3 year apart. Each size has a box in the loft (ie one crate) and as dd2 gets to that size it comes down and I sort her wardrobe too small stuff to charity or to sell. Then go through dd1 wardrobe and everything too small goes in a crate onto top of her wardrobe. I get rid of anything too tatty, or that was awkward in some way. My only other exception is I have a box that is just uniform and one which is just wellies. So it is a few crates but it's organised and it works for me.

DaisyEmma Mon 20-Jun-16 19:12:10

Thank you tryingtobeprepared that sounds like a good system. I'm going to try to implement it. I would recommend Marie Kondo FWIW though we had a LOT of clutter so saw a big impact which was satisfying.

Leeloo2 Fri 24-Jun-16 22:56:11

Before you store them, can you look at them critically to see if they are stained/too worn etc. I stored everything from my first dc and 5 years later I looked at the saved stuff in a very different light to when I'd lovingly stored them.

Things were more worn than I'd noticed, styles had changed, dc were slightly different sizes and suited different things... Plus I just liked shopping for new bits for 2nd dc. Basics were useful, but I'd say 90% has not been reused.

Hislopssloppyseconds Sat 25-Jun-16 05:51:07

How about having 2 weeks worth of clothes only?

14 bottoms, 14 tops etc. As if you were packing for 2 weeks away.

I found that we were only ever using the top of the clean clothes pile before kondoing.

GrubbyWindows Sat 25-Jun-16 19:34:19

Anything which you are storing I reckon needs to really really pass the joy test! Otherwise pass it on into the hand-me-down chain, and if you do have another baby, trust that the hand-me-down chain will sort you out, and you will have your real faves stored up. As PP have said, you will want some new things for a new baby anyway.

Artandco Sat 25-Jun-16 19:41:18

Only store stuff that means a lot or costs more than usual.
So favourite outfit, decent woolen clothing like cardigans etc, jackets, similar. Babygrows and tshirts are easy to replace later

RandomMess Sat 25-Jun-16 19:48:11

I was very very ruthless with the clothes I kept. It is actually quite a large age gap and stuff with be out of fashion possibly wrong season and they could be different shapes.

Also the more DC you have the fewer each child needs because you wash more often than ever before...

It's actually liberating to get rid of the hoards of stored clothes (4 DDs) as they've got to an age where they all choose what they wear...

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