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New mattress and bed?

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tryhard Wed 25-May-16 21:19:42

DH & I are both tall & are really suffering with a crap old matters and bed, am prepared to invest in a good one but there's so much choice out there, I don't know where to start. DH can't stand a footboard sticking up as he needs his feet to hang over the edge when he's asleep 😂 Any recommendations?

concertplayer Fri 27-May-16 21:53:38

Do not buy any new bed until you have tested it out in the shop.
Both of you need to lie on it.
There are divans(often with storage drawers beneath which are ideal
for keeping spare duvets) However, some people find divans ugly.
They are very strong so will stand DCs using it as a trampoline.
Then there are ones with a metal base and ones with wooden slants,
These are to be carefully tested with the mattress. And they do not always come with castors for easy movement.
but before you do this you must choose the size bed you want
so take measurements.

come casters

concertplayer Fri 27-May-16 21:54:16

Sorry typo error !

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