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cleaning products??

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Skivvywoman Mon 02-May-16 20:38:13

This has probably been done a million times but I'm intrigued what cleaning products everyone uses?

I use dettol or flash spray on kitchen work tops
Bleach in kitchen sink

In the bathroom I use bleach in the toilet bowl and in the shower cubicle
All other surfaces in bathroom I use a spray made up of dettol and water

I use polish spray for dusting

And an air freshener for once I've done all my cleaning I'll spray that (think it's habit now)

Dh washes Windows and mirrors as he's a window cleaner

rabbit123 Mon 02-May-16 20:56:28

I don't use a million cleaners or any of these 99.9% antibacterial sprays and such. I don't see the point. I have a handful of products that I use for everything:

- Flash Multi Purpose liquid. 1 cap diluted in a bucket with a cap of cheap, thin bleach for mopping floors or 1 cap diluted in a sink of hot water for cleaning worktops, the kitchen sick and kitchen units
- Jiff, ahem sorry, Ciff...cream cleaner for doing the hob, bathroom sinks and the bath
- Toielt Duck toilet cleaner for, err, cleaing the toilets
- Original Pledge for dusting

I think that's about it. I get all of our cleaning supplies from the pound shop or Home Bargains. I've used a lot of Astonish products and they're very good and very reasonably priced but not everywhere stocks them.

rabbit123 Mon 02-May-16 20:58:19

Oh, for window & mirror cleaning, I use diluted white vinegar and newspaper. Traditional yes, but it works.

Fluffycloudland77 Mon 02-May-16 21:00:24

Multipurpose SMARTPRICE cleaner for everything like kitchen and bathrooms, paintwork etc.

Tesco SMARTPRICE cream cleaner for the sink in the kitchen.

Sugar soap for the weekly deep clean in the kitchen.

I don't use branded stuff because they test on animals & I don't think that should be needed in 2016.

bluebump Mon 02-May-16 21:03:06

I love a cleaning product so I'm not always brand loyal as I like to try them all!

One constant product I use is Zoflora, I have a bottle in most fragrances under the sink! I use it on floors, surfaces, the loo etc.

Currently using Method stuff for the kitchen, I've got a bottle of pomegranate multi purpose anti bac spray and a clementine kitchen spray. I also have the Aldi anti bac spray with the apple scent.

For my bathroom I have Cif cream or Flash spray.

I use polish but it always gives me a headache, I need to find something else to use.

Skivvywoman Mon 02-May-16 21:17:46

Oh sugar soap for the kitchen that's a fab method!

I love clean smells think that's why I always use those products

I use acticlor sometimes but only if I forget to take them out my pocket at work wink

Skivvywoman Mon 02-May-16 21:19:13

I've started hoovering instead of dusting as I've got black high gloss furniture and it's a nightmare!

I'm not brand loyal either except dettol and bleach

celeste83 Tue 03-May-16 07:51:18

Hi Skivvy,

My cleaning supplies usually consist of

Dettol anti bac spray for the kitchen.
Anti bac wipes for a quick wipe over bathroom and kitchen surfaces.
Bleach for the loo's, kitchen sink and floors, usually Domestos but sometimes just cheap stuff from Aldi.
Loo cleaner, usually green Toilet Duck but sometimes just cheap stuff from Aldi.
Flushable anti bac toilet wipes.
Flash for the floors.
Mr Muscle for the bathrooms.
White vinegar for windows and mirrors. Got this tip from one those tv shows but it works really well.
Glade plug in's.
Mr Muscle oven cleaner but use Oven Pride from time to time when I blitz it.
Some sort of furniture polish.

I try to get cleaning stuff from Wilkos as they do the brands I prefer the cheapest.

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