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Cleaning upstairs outward opening windows?!

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Jamjar12 Sat 30-Apr-16 17:57:44

I wonder if anyone has any suggestions to help please!

Our windows open outwards and I can't reach the whole window to clean it normally. We have a conservatory directly below so can't access using a ladder or anything downstairs. Does anyone else have the same problem? Is there some amazing cleaning tool that works? I'm not even sure how a window cleaner would be able to do it as we have a very small walled garden outside the conservatory so there's not much room to manoeuvre!

LIZS Sat 30-Apr-16 18:00:12

You can get extendible brush and sponge/wipers from places like Robert Dyas. Alternatively when fully open is the gap at the hinge dude wide enough to get a sponge/wiper through?

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