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Downy April fresh FC and washing powder

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Mumstudentbum Mon 04-Apr-16 16:25:23

Well after reading about this in mumsnet years ago I finally purchased some of this fabric softener and had it shipped over.

I don't know who recommended it but THANK YOU it is the best thing I've EVER smelt!! One defo worth the money, just ordered another huge bottle.

As far as washing powder is concerned in wanting something that won't effect the smell of the FC but is still tough in stains. Any ideas?

rabbit123 Mon 04-Apr-16 16:29:07

Persil Bio powder. Smells quite strong in the box but barely leaves any scent on the clothes

Mumstudentbum Mon 04-Apr-16 18:30:21

Have Persil upped their game yet? I used to used this when DS was a baby then it got shite and didn't get anything clean.

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