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wowfudge Tue 29-Mar-16 13:00:29

This is almost an AIBU. I registered our tumble dryer the day the recall was publicised and was told it would be modified in March. This has now changed to April with no indication of an actual date. So I messaged them - apart from anything else I wanted them to have my mobile number not just the landline. They've now offered me a new machine for £59. I've told them if they'll waive the charge and it's comparable to the existing one I'll take it.

Apart from anything else I'll have to dispose of the old one and I have no issue with the current machine - never had a problem (fingers crossed as I have now probably jinxed it) and really like it. This debacle must be destroying their reputation.

wowfudge Tue 29-Mar-16 13:29:40

They do take the old one away I've discovered.

HoneyDragon Tue 29-Mar-16 14:33:09

My fridge caught fire. The gave no fucks, just complained they were busy and they'd send an engineer 10 days later.

FireflyGirl Tue 29-Mar-16 14:39:11

Have you tried contacting them on Facebook?

That was the only way I managed to get hold of them. When the engineer came out to me, he said that it's a problem Indesit weren't bothered about but Whirlpool want to fix now they've taken over, but there are a lot of machines affected. Mine wouldn't be a problem because I clean the filters properly and regularly (blush) but other machines he'd been to had never had the filter cleaned and he was removing a bin bag full of fluff. Those are the ones likely to catch fire.

Because there are so many machines affected, and it will take them so long to visit them all, they are offering to replace at reduced cost.

Their reputation is taking a hit, but they feel strongly enough that they're doing it anyway, but in my opinion their customer service is what's really letting them down.

wowfudge Tue 29-Mar-16 15:02:39

I don't think the machine they are offering as a replacement is comparable, but I need to check. Plus it's complicated by the fact we are moving house and may leave our buyers the machine - I can't morally do that if it hasn't been modified.

wowfudge Wed 30-Mar-16 18:23:25

I contacted them via Messenger Firefly. I told them they had a deal if a new machine was free because I really didn't think I should be incurring any costs and it was appalling to be over four months down the line with the estimated repair moving further away. I then asked directly for a repair date. They've booked me in for this Saturday. Fingers crossed.

FireflyGirl Wed 30-Mar-16 21:22:16

I'm glad to hear you're getting sorted! I've been reading some people are being told the end of the year! shock

TurtleEclipseofTheHeart Wed 30-Mar-16 21:25:11

We've been told December and I rang in February!

FirstOfficerDouglasRichardaon Wed 30-Mar-16 21:50:59

After reporting in November mine was 'fixed' 2 weeks ago. It was quick and the guy was pleasant but he left the back of the machine (the bit that needed replacing and the box) in my kitchen. He told me he's not allowed to dispose of it and I have to, can't put it in the bin it's massive and metal so I'm cheesed off that I have to take it to the dump. I think the whole thing has been a shambles. I won't buy hotpoint ever again.

SquidgeyMidgey Wed 30-Mar-16 22:19:13

We've not heard a dicky bird yet. I'm borderline fanatical about cleaning the fluff filter (was anyway) and don't leave it running when I go out. Not impressed by the complete lack of urgency following the initial horror story headlines.

SquidgeyMidgey Wed 30-Mar-16 22:20:15

And wowfudge I completely agree ref the charges, I don't see why we should pay anything towards a replacement.

wowfudge Wed 30-Mar-16 22:26:29

Well FirstOfficer if you left that bit of metal at the end of your drive round here, the scrappers would be fighting over it (not sure it's legal as you don't know how they dispose of it) plus we're round the corner from the tip.

FirstOfficerDouglasRichardaon Thu 31-Mar-16 07:17:23

Do you know what though... I'm not convinced cleaning out the lint tray frequently now will help much if you didn't before, it's the problem of it having collected over time in a place you can't clean it out. The repair guy showed me where it was catching fire and it was nowhere near the lint tray, it was right at the inside back of the machine (in a non reachable place). And it was a 'circle of lint/fluff' around the back panel near where the thing heats up. I'm not describing it well, I wish I'd taken pictures. Call Hotpoint again, just keep calling, I had to.

EnglishRose1320 Thu 31-Mar-16 07:33:33

Well I cleaned the door tray evertime I used it and the main tray frequently. Once to twice a week depending on how often I had used it that week and it still caught fire. They still didn't send anyone out and I gave in and paid for the replacement because I couldn't use it at all. New one has a bigger drum and is very shiny with lots of program options but so far (it's a condenser) the water tray has overfilled and the tray light hasn't come on and this one has lights for the filters which haven't come on, despite testing it by not emptying the door filter twice, didn't want to leave it longer anf taking out a massive handful after those two loads. So undecided whether it is a better one or not. They were very quick, half a week after we agreed and took the old tumble dryer away. Probably should have made more fuss but left it to my oh to sort it and he isn't one to fuss really.

JennyOnAPlate Thu 31-Mar-16 07:55:09

We're waiting until September apparently.

I didn't realise it was a problem that develops over time. I've been assuming that as ours is 8 years old and hasn't caught fire yet we're probably OK!

newpup Thu 31-Mar-16 09:03:37

I registered mine in November and the engineer is here as I type modifying my machine! I had a phone call last week to say it was today or in 3 months! He has been here for 40 mins and is nearly finished. The job involved taking the machine apart, vacuuming it out and fitting a new back to the machine.
he said that mine was very clean of the lint build up which is dangerous as I regularly clean it out so it almost certainly would be fine, the problem mostly occurs where the filters are not cleaned regularly but all machines are being modified as a safety precaution. I was initially told the callout would be any time from 7am to 7pm but the engineer texted me last night with a three hour window and he was here at 8.15am. Pleasant chap, will see how clean things are when he has left!

newpup Thu 31-Mar-16 09:29:01

Engineer now gone, tumble dryer is on. I had to run a vacuum over the laundry room floor and mop it, as there were some black marks on the floor but looks clean as a whistle now. The engineer cleared away all the dirt he could pick up and took the old machine back away with him. No complaints here, just hope the machine works as efficiently now as it did before the modification. :-)

FireflyGirl Thu 31-Mar-16 09:53:16

To anyone waiting, definitely get on their Facebook page. I wrote them a mini-essay culminating in why the item was not 'fit for purpose', and telling them to fix it or I'd be returning it for a refund.

I got a reply the next day, and an engineer visit within a week (full day slot, then narrowed down to 3 hours, same as newpup).

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