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Iron reccomendations

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CrazyandIknowit Sun 21-Feb-16 14:27:41

I can't really spend a lot on a new iron but I really want it to last.
I am thinking of a budget of £50.

Does anyone have a good one for that price?

weloveourfamily Sun 21-Feb-16 16:20:50

If you can stretch your budget to £62 i would highly recommend this one,
It makes ironing so much easier and quicker and has brilliant reviews

harrasseddotcom Sun 21-Feb-16 16:47:34

i just bought this one I won a previous version of this on mn, and it recently broke, think it lasted about 5 years. Tbh, its not so much broken but has a build up calcium and i need to buy tablets to fix it so decided to plump for the newer one. I love it, specifically the one heat setting for all clothes. What I have saved in burned clothes (where you end up with an imprint of your iron, usually on my black work trousers) is more than what this iron cost ten times over. I think its guaranteed not to burn any clothing. Plus this one has a self clean function button on it so gets rid of any calcium build up so i hope it will last longer than my last one. And it has the other usual things like steam etc.

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