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Damp garage storage- everything mouldy!

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indecisivedoctor Sun 24-Jan-16 19:57:14


We've been in this house about 5 months. Had a great bit loft at the old house and no loft here. Put a lot in storage in the garage which is damp and draughty. Didn't think much of it but have today discovered a lot of things covered in mould- sob!

Have rescued the most important- my wedding dress, dd christening gown etc into house but need to rethink storage out there.

Does anyone have a solution? We've been googling and so far just come up with airtight boxes. Does this actually work? Any tips for where best to purchase?

Heating it not really an option as it's in huge state of disrepair with bowing walls etc and heat would escape straight out. Rebuilding is on the agenda, once we've recovered from current extension to main house!

I'm so sad and worried for the stuff out there- photos, memories of times gone by. Even Christmas decs etc and holidays clothes etc..

Feeling a bit daft that didn't see this coming tbh :-(

cozietoesie Sun 24-Jan-16 20:38:21

Have you got no loft at all or just one which is eg small/unfloored/difficult to access?

wowfudge Sun 24-Jan-16 22:29:31

Lidded plastic boxes, but I wouldn't store clothes or photos, etc in a garage. Also have a look at keter type stores.

indecisivedoctor Mon 25-Jan-16 23:20:07

Yes no loft whatsoever.. It's a cottage and the upstairs rooms go into the roof space- sloping ceilings..

specialsubject Tue 26-Jan-16 13:24:13

bring it all in and get it warm and dry. Photos etc don't go in a garage. Anything else needs to be in those sealed plastic boxes.

unfortunately you need to get rid of stuff if you've got less storage than before. It's the only solution.

HopeClearwater Wed 27-Jan-16 19:48:22

Sympathy - this happened to me. What I did was get it inside and dry it out first. I have a dehumidifier which helps massively. Then I did what a pp recommended - have an absolutely ruthless clear out of ALL your stuff, both the stuff which was in the garage and that which is currently in your house. That way you might be able to make room for storing the important things. Don't forget, if you're storing it, you're not enjoying or using it. Think hard about what needs to be kept for sentimental reasons and what is just being kept because you can't quite decide what to do with it. Wedding dress, christening gown- yes - totally get this - but treat them with the respect they deserve and wrap them up carefully and store them thoughtfully. Things in storage often don't last well. Is it really worth keeping them - this is what you need to consider.

indecisivedoctor Thu 28-Jan-16 05:12:55

Thanks guys.. You're right- although we are fairly good at decluttering there are a good few lingering boxes which have done several house moves with us without being needed!

Just getting quotes for rebuilding the delapidated garage!!

specialsubject Thu 28-Jan-16 11:43:38


Definitely time to open them, sort and reduce.

I've moved in a few times and now live in a physically bigger house with less storage. Finding that with a sort and chuck, I really don't need more storage. It's quite cathartic once you get used to it.

also the digital camera is your friend. Sentimental items can be stored as data on a CD should you ever wish to look at them.

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