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Apartment therapy January cure...

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Karcheer Fri 01-Jan-16 09:20:25

Anyone doing it this year? Want to join me? Might be tricky as I'm living in three rooms as we've the builders in, but enjoyed it last year.

Karcheer Fri 01-Jan-16 09:21:28


ProjectPerfect Fri 01-Jan-16 09:26:11

What sort of issues does it aim to address - I can't see from the link.

spiderbabymum Fri 01-Jan-16 09:28:19

I'm signed up

spiderbabymum Fri 01-Jan-16 10:47:11

Project perfect

I would say it aims to help you simplify and de clutter your home with a secondary aim of improved well being and also somehow an impact on your life

It's very easy

But gives you some simple ideas of how to run a home more smoothly

If you are still interested just google the January cure 2015

And if you click on each assignment you can read them ....but don't do to many

I can't stress it enough ITS GREAT but it's very much a slow burn .......a bit like fly lady is

So pace can feel very slow BUT

A it fits into a busy life

B the sense of having taken control , making a start , achievement is strong throughout January but well into the year

Twinklefuck Fri 01-Jan-16 12:45:26

Just signed up, any idea what to expect? Currently selling some furniture and getting better storage ideas so it's all easier to manage with two little ones demolishing two rooms whilst I'm cleaning one shock

spiderbabymum Fri 01-Jan-16 13:24:51

Twinklefuck Fri 01-Jan-16 16:42:38

Thank you, got the first assignment but actually did the floors yesterday so I'll pop to the garden centre tomorrow and get a lovely house plant and pray it lives as anything green usually comes her to die

BuildMoreHouses Fri 01-Jan-16 19:39:51

I signed up for a bit of extra motivation.

BuildMoreHouses Tue 05-Jan-16 17:54:05

I am behind already but the floors look clean!

GwendolynMoon Wed 06-Jan-16 13:24:53

I did this last year and it was great, could definitely tell the difference in our home by the end of the month. I didn't follow it to the absolute letter but did my best to do as much as possible.

Have signed up again this year but already a bit behind. Have the day off on Friday so going to do floors then and catch up with other stuff. Did buy flowers at the weekend and have started the 'pantry' purge.

dinkystinky Wed 06-Jan-16 13:34:56

Am doing it - have to do pantry purge tonight as was out yesterday and will then follow up with my outbox. Its really helpful in terms of reassessing what you actually need and can do with the space you have

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