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Conservatory blind cost?

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docsbs Tue 17-Nov-15 19:21:37


We have a 6m/3m lean on conservatory. We would like to have the roof and widows/doors fitted with pleated blinds. We have been quoted
£3000 by Conservatory blinds and
£2900 by Hilary
Is that the sort of money you would expect to spend for this, am I missing a trick?
Both offer very similar material and 5 year warranty - any ideas about which one I should go far?
Thank you very much for your help…

Chasingsquirrels Tue 17-Nov-15 19:25:32

We were quoted £17k by Thomas Sanderson about 12 years ago.
The conservatory is about 3.5m by 3.5m.
I think that was windows only, not roof blinds.
We laughed, and sent them away.

We still don't have blinds though ...

HeadDreamer Wed 18-Nov-15 08:58:31

We didn't have any in the glass conservatory in our previous house. It's east facing, 4m x 3m lean to with glass on 2 sides and roof. Too expensive! We just put sun glasses on in the morning grin. We don't get direct sun after midday. You learn to live with it.

FuckyNell Wed 18-Nov-15 09:09:12

That sounds okay for made to measure. I have bought blinds several times and no made to measure has been cheap.

See if there is an independent maker around your area, that might take a bit off

atticusclaw2 Wed 18-Nov-15 09:13:16

That sounds quite reasonable.

We had french pinoleum blinds in an enormous conservatory and they cost thousands.

docsbs Wed 18-Nov-15 10:18:43

Thanks for all your input. We wanted to put in blinds more for privacy than for temperature control. I suspect we will with Hilarys. Hopefuly it should be up before christmas…

Whatdoiknow31 Wed 18-Nov-15 11:01:39

We've just had pleated blinds fitted in our conservatory, installed yesterday in fact.

Paid little over £2k for 30 made to measure window/door blinds supplied and installed.

Yours does sound like a good price if it's for Windows and roof!

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