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Hiring a cleaner, what should I know / ask?

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Queenbean Mon 26-Oct-15 19:05:49

I am hiring a cleaner to clean a two bedroom (small) flat. I have a recommendation from a friend for an agency.

A lady from the agency is coming around tomorrow to see the place, what should I be asking her?

I am thinking:
- do they have insurance? What happens if there is an accident in the home?
- what references / checks do they have for their cleaners? Are they all legal to work in the UK?
- what I'd like done in the two hours: bathroom, kitchen, a bit of ironing if possible

I've been quoted £12 per hour and am south East London. Is this reasonable?

Is there anything that should or shouldn't be out of bounds - for example, I feel that stripping a bed would be too personal for someone else to have to deal with, is it?

I am going with an agency as I feel it will be safer than an individual but please advise if the above approach is sensible or if I have missed anything!

Thank you

Queenbean Mon 26-Oct-15 22:10:30


ICantThinkOfAUsernameH Mon 26-Oct-15 22:14:37

I'm in Wales and paid £25 for 2 hours about 4 years ago, but not many people done cleaning!
Sounds like you've got all the questions covered - ask if the price includes using own cleaning products? Some expect you to provide others include in cost - makes a big difference.

thegiddylimit Mon 26-Oct-15 22:21:17

My cleaner strips our beds and puts the sheets in the washing machine and puts it on every week. Not sure it's any more personal than cleaning a toilet. It's my favourite thing about having a cleaner (all I have to do when I get home is hang up the washing, bliss!). I don't get any ironing done, we looked into getting someone to do our washing but they take your washing away for a week so it was too much hassle.

I live in the northeast and pay about £12 per hour and our 3 bed house takes about 3 hours to clean. Agencies are more expensive than a freelance cleaner but insurance, tax etc is sorted and you always get a cleaner, if 'my' cleaner is off work then I get another cleaner (usually the business owner) that week.

wickedwaterwitch Mon 26-Oct-15 22:26:41

My cleaner tidies as well, within reason so if this is what you want, mention it

She also changes beds and does all the washing, I think it's fine

If ironing is important, say so (I wouldn't say 'if possible'!)

Queenbean Tue 27-Oct-15 08:19:24

That's a good point about the cleaning products, thanks

And giddy you're so right about the bedding not being any more personal than toilets, thanks!

DanglyEarrings Fri 30-Oct-15 19:57:38

Not all cleaning services offer ironing as an additional service but some do, it's worth enquiring.

They will be insured if they come from any company (unless it is trading illegally) so that should be a given.

Ask what is and is not within the scope of their particular service, it's no use hiring one that doesn't offer your personally most hated chore when the next companyy will offer that service to you. You need to find a good company/client match.

If a service offers all that you need - give it a try! smile

Ihatecrafting Mon 02-Nov-15 20:38:08

Are they an agency using self employed cleaners? Or a managed service using employees? This will affect insurance, if self employed you may be liable if they had an accident and injured themselves in your home
By the cost I would say this is an agency using self employed cash in hand cleaners.
Also, will you be at home when they visit? If they have a key where is it kept? Will the self employed cleaner take it home, are they crb / dbs checked? If its kept at their home is your address on it, who may have access to it? Partner, teenage kids etc?
Do they send one person or a team? If one person, who covers if they are sick last minute or on holiday or can't be bothered? Will they need to send someone completely different?
If they are alone in your home what is stopping them from stealing? Sole workers are potentially more likely to do this than a team with a team leader etc
Will they use clean water on bathroom and kitchen floor or will they cross contaminate
God I have loads of questions!

Boozena Sat 07-Nov-15 21:37:04

I clean for a family member, £12.50ph usually 2 hours. We established "the usual"- hoover, mop and wiping down surfaces and cupboard fronts. This covers three rooms and a bathroom. For the remaining time I just do as I'm asked, sometimes it's cleaning glass, or the oven, laundry or the shower (takes an age). I think it's a really good point to ensure the cleaner will do the tasks you hate most!

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