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How do you store your tooth brush heads?

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bumblegrot Mon 01-Jun-15 17:07:11

Other than just putting them on the sink when you're done with it? There must be a better way!

CointreauVersial Mon 01-Jun-15 17:09:51

I have a little shallow dish on the shelf by the sink, and the brush heads live there.

LetThereBeCupcakes Tue 02-Jun-15 08:11:52

At the moment, in the bathroom cabinet, but I REALLY want some of these:

Pipistrella Tue 02-Jun-15 08:25:53

I have no idea. I also have no idea how you're meant to charge them - leave it plugged in all the time or not?

According to several sites, you shouldn't leave them plugged in as the shaver socket is meant for a brief blast with a shaver, not charging...and it will knacker and possibly crack your light fitting.

The whole thing befuddles me.

LetThereBeCupcakes Tue 02-Jun-15 08:33:50

Oh! Are we talking about electric toothbrushes? Sorry, I got confused.

DH and DS don't have them - I do. It just sits in the bathroom cabinet. I don't leave mine plugged in - just charge it up when the light flashes.

WestEast Tue 02-Jun-15 08:35:54

Flung on a shelf in the bathroom cabinet. Leaving a nice white toothpastey staining to the shelf.

Artandco Tue 02-Jun-15 08:37:53

Leave it on toothbrush part and stand next to sink. Our charges in a glass which lives in bedroom when needed

sideshowbob2 Sat 06-Jun-15 17:46:20

in a plastic bathroom cup with the toothpaste, dental floss and toothbrush handle

Georgethesecond Sat 06-Jun-15 17:47:24

We each have our own toothbrush body, so the brushes stay on

Floralnomad Sat 06-Jun-15 17:53:51

We have a toothbrush head holder from Lakeland ,it's not particularly attractive but it does the job - it has 4 head holders and a bit in the middle where in theory you could stick the body of the brush but I use that to store my little brush things that you use to clean between your teeth . What I like about it is that all the heads are held separately and there is no chance of them touching each other .

SqueezyCheeseWeasel Sat 06-Jun-15 17:54:32

Same here, George

NorbertDentressangle Sat 06-Jun-15 17:58:26

Ours are left on an enamel soap dish (that's used only for toothbrush heads NOT shared with soap).

It catches the drips and is easily cleaned

WeAllHaveWings Sun 07-Jun-15 22:01:08

Same as George, we have 3 electric toothbrushes one for dh, ds and me so the heads stay on. Sharing the electric bit is a bit yuck as it can get a bit sleverly, especially with ds.

We have one charger plugged in, in my bedroom and they all get charged there when needed.

ZappDingbat Wed 10-Jun-15 17:10:37

I use the lid of a Sanctuary shower gel bottle. Its almost clear, so you can see the colour at the head base meaning you don't have to pull all of them up to get the right one. It is the perfect size for holding the heads. The toothbrush (and numerous tubes of toothpaste, because the dcs are fussy about which one they will use) sit in a separate toothbrush holder pot. Easy to clean. I have used the bottle lid for a few years and although I am always on the look out for a purpose made one, I have never found one that will do the job as well.

Charging: two toothbrushes do 4 of us for the week. I charge one on a Sunday and the other on a weds. Have an adaptor plug and charge them in my bedroom as no shaver sockets in this house.

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