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softest loo roll

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weaselwithin Mon 27-Apr-15 16:23:24

just that really, do you have a favourite?

dementedpixie Mon 27-Apr-15 16:24:37

I currently use the Nicky toilet rolls from home bargains. Seem to be as good as Andrex but much cheaper (about £5 for 18 rolls)

Fillybuster Mon 27-Apr-15 16:27:14

Cushelle smile

InterOuta Mon 27-Apr-15 16:48:37

Second cushelle! Definitely the best

CloserToFiftyThanTwenty Mon 27-Apr-15 16:50:41

Quilted non-scented Velvet

Gozogozo Mon 27-Apr-15 19:37:32

waitrose essential 5.91 for 16 smile & easily as soft as andrex

Optimist1 Mon 27-Apr-15 20:13:15

I've always loved Cushelle, but the last lot I bought didn't feel as good as previously. Have bought some Waitrose with Aloe Vera to try and it feels very good!

wobblebobblehat Mon 27-Apr-15 22:09:14

Triple Softy from B&M. £1.99 for 9 rolls. By far the best toilet roll for the money and better than Nicky...

Artistic Mon 27-Apr-15 23:36:25

Quilted non scented velvet

HelenF350 Mon 27-Apr-15 23:44:07

I like the lidl aloe vera ones.

marriednotdead Mon 27-Apr-15 23:45:31

Aldi's own brand quilted- Saxon?
It's way better than Cushelle and I was happy enough with that.

DramaAlpaca Mon 27-Apr-15 23:46:44

Another vote for Cushelle.

catwithflowers Thu 30-Apr-15 22:24:00

Nicky here too

somewheresomehow Fri 01-May-15 16:04:48

cushelle, especially when on offer in makro @ 2 for 1 grin

FromAtoZ Sun 03-May-15 13:53:01

Sainsbury shea butter. Or quilts.

TheLastThneed Sun 03-May-15 13:56:24

Possibly TMI...I like the bog standard Andrew. I find year I get more value for money. With the Addition loo roll I had to use a lot more to stop my fingers going through the tissue...

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