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Anybody else feel guilty every time you sit down?

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JenniferJen Thu 12-Feb-15 10:15:16

I'm knackered, been up most of the night with baby and toddler. got up at early. since the school run I've hardly done anything. why can't i just enjoy sitting down for a bit? sat feeling guilty for not getting anything done. which doesn't get the things done so i may as well of jist enjoyed chilling out!

anybody else like this?

QuiteQuietly Thu 12-Feb-15 10:46:14

Don't feel bad! If you were working in a factory you would have rest breaks etc., why should 24hour parent-shifts be any different?

I found it easier to sit down and relax somewhere else (library/stay and play cafe/playgroup where I didn't know too many people/long and pointless bus ride). The children were calmer being out, relatively enclosed and I could have a bit of a zone out and possible even a cup of tea. It felt like I was doing something (taking the kids out) and I couldn't see the housework I needed to do and somehow the house stayed in better shape the less time we spent in it. I am still rather partial to a bus ride, even without the children.

I suspect MN is full of people who should probably be doing something else. Follow their excellent example. Hope you get a restful rest soon!

MangosMangosMangos Fri 13-Feb-15 14:00:14

No. I have learnt the art of relaxing amongst chaos and mess! I count it as one for my greatest achievements because I only used to stop once everything was tidy and finished, which meant that post DC's I never ever stopped and ran myself into the ground. Now I can sit amid piles of washing and have a little relax (nice coffee and chocolate helps).

Also, if you have small DC's sometimes you need to grab the chance for some piece and quite when you can.

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