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advice on clothes storage please

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janebracelet Thu 19-Oct-06 10:27:34

Want to store some precious clothing long term in the loft. I have bought some Really Useful Boxes which are rather marvellous clear plastic storage boxes. The lid clicks shut rather than just resting on the box. I am concerned about mice and moths in the loft. Fortunately never had probs with either but worried we might in future.Does clothing need to 'breathe' if so I intend to drill some very very fine holes in boxes,hopefully too small for mice-less than a pencil width I believe is Ok and I will aim for even finer than that if possible.But what about moths -dont want to use chemicals -what are the best natural repellants, assuming they can get through the tiniest of holes???? Any advice please??

JackieNoHeadJustABloodyStump Thu 19-Oct-06 10:47:01

Not sure about this - if you're really worried about mice in the loft (we definitely have some) I wouldn't put anything precious up there. Cedar is supposed to be a good moth repellent - you can buy stuff from Lakeland , and other places. I love those Really Useful Boxes too - there are just so many different sizes, and they stack beautifully. You could also investigate those vacuum bags, as then the moths wouldn't be able to get in. Mice, of course, still would.

WElizabeth Fri 11-Sep-09 12:57:32

Why don’t you keep them in a public storage or self storage rentals?

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