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Steam generator iron - cleaning tips please

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mypinkmonkey Thu 20-Nov-14 09:50:40

Anyone have a cleaning tips for a Tefal steam generator iron. I empty it regularly and clean the stick that is meant to soak up the lime scale. But it keeps spurting dirty water over my clean washing! It's about 5 years old - I don't need to buy a new one do I? sad

reallifegetsintheway Thu 20-Nov-14 22:04:15

I have a Tefal and when it stops steaming I put Cillit Bang (limescale one- orange?) into the water tank and spray on the nozzles, where the tank fits on. (i also put some on the sole plate when the iron is warm- but can trip the electric, OMG, be careful!) It will spew out loads of brown muck. It will be a bit smelly for a day or two and I iron on loads of kitchen towel and bang it a little bit.

Maybe seem a bit extreme. Proceed with caution but have done twice. It keeps it going. My logic is if it doesn't work, I would need a new one anyway because of lack of steam.

Hope someone else comes along with less hazardous ideas!

mypinkmonkey Fri 21-Nov-14 20:21:04

Ok great will give that a try And I will be careful!smile thank you!

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