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Best vacuum for pet hair on tiles and carpet?

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sidsgranny Sun 16-Nov-14 13:40:41

Title says it all really. Can anyone recommend a really good vacuum for getting up pet hair from floor tiles and carpet? Our lovely lab puppy is leaving trails of fur everywhere!!

rabbit123 Mon 17-Nov-14 12:25:46

This is an awkward one. Cylinders with a straight suction floor tool are far better for bare floors. Uprights with rotating brushes are better for carpet, so you really need something that covers both.

I would highly recommend the Miele Cat & Dog or Henry Xtra. Both come with the straight suction tool for bare floors and the Turbo brush for carpet. The Henry is cheaper and has bigger bags. The Miele is pricier but has more features. Both are good machines though.

If you prefer an upright, the Sebo Felix would be a good choice as you can switch the brushroll off for use on bare floors and turn it back on for carpets

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