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Damp bed?

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skinnedflowerpot Wed 27-Aug-14 14:23:07

My beds are damp. I do not know why. In fact the whole bedroom feels dampand cold. I havent washed them or put anything wet on them. All the bedding is dry but within two hours of being put on the bed it is damp and cold. I had damp bedding last night and had to put a heater on to dry it out.

Today I changed it all for bone dry bedding, and again it is now damp feeling and cold.

Can someone offer a cause and more importantly a solution? I have tried airing the room . Should I try leaving the heater on ( a convector heater) I do not have the central heating on at the moment.

Vivacia Wed 27-Aug-14 19:31:06

I'd turn the heating off and improve the ventilation, especially during the day. Are you sure it's damp and not just cold? Also, do you have any waterproof mattress protectors on the bed?

skinnedflowerpot Wed 27-Aug-14 19:57:20

No water proof matress protectors.

I did wonder if it was condensation ( windows get very wet and runny) but where can all the water come from to do this?

I have turned back the beds and had the windows open all day today. I will see how it goes tonight.


Vivacia Wed 27-Aug-14 20:12:08

Condensation on the windows? Definitely ventilation needed. The moisture is coming from all of that living - breathing, cooking, showering etc. Might be worth investing in a dehumidifier? I'm not sure, we just open the windows a lot, oh, and use a Karcher in the morning.

At least you know you've got good insulation.

YeahItsMe Wed 27-Aug-14 20:17:29

dehumidifier on for a few hours? not really a long term solution but should help.

coolaschmoola Wed 27-Aug-14 20:40:40

Condensation? Your bed is probably damp from normal body moisture/breathing etc.


MrsLettuce Wed 27-Aug-14 20:50:03

yy, ventilation and all that. Essential. This does sound extreme though, what's the night time temperature there been recently?

Are any of your gutters leaking? That can cause a lot of damp long before any 'leak' is actually visible on the wall, IYSWIM.

MrsLettuce Wed 27-Aug-14 20:50:58

...visible on the interior wall...

PigletJohn Thu 28-Aug-14 09:09:27

If the windows are wet, open them.

Do you drape wet washing inside your home?

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