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evey105 Fri 22-Aug-14 12:25:58

I notice that some of you probably collect this, I am just about to begin. I note it mentions there is a free binder supposedly with issue 4. Can anyone confirm this? I have this issue, but no free binder? Just trying to find out exactly where the binder comes in? There is one at my newsagents, but this is for £2.50? Can anyone please confirm, as trying to get to the official website is impossible, it doesn't come up anymore? Thank you.

Teabiscuits Thu 04-Sep-14 11:22:45

I have a subscription for it which I have just had to chase up as I was yet to receive anything - I stumbled across this thread while looking for the illusive website!
I don't know if this will help you, but the email I have to contact them about the subscription is It may be that a separate company deals with the subscription, in which case that email address will be no good but it might be worth a shot!

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