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those Ikea waste/recycling bin combos, can they be used in any base unit not just Ikea?

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sacbina Fri 04-Jul-14 21:29:51

trying to reorganize my kitchen units to include somewhere for the recycling. seen the ikea bins, but only cupboard I can put it into is a 500mm base unit which has standard door and isn't a pull out cupboard

does anyone know what I mean?

doesn't have to be IKEA if there are other options

thank you all

OptimisticOlive Sat 05-Jul-14 09:28:13

Do you mean the black base on runners with grey inserts? I've got those bins in a standard cupboard, but took the runners off as they wouldn't fit. It works fine not having them pull out. I just pull them out by hand if I need to get something big in or when I empty them. I have the recycling one at the back and normal bin at the front. I don't use the lids either! Works well for me. HTH

sacbina Sat 05-Jul-14 09:31:13

those are the ones yes. good to know they work ok. haven't seen them in the flesh, is there much room?

darkness Mon 07-Jul-14 15:54:56

Take the door off the hinges - throw them away
go and buy a drawer kit ( without a front - they come that way) from a large diy store
attach the drawer runners to the inside bottom of the cupboard and then attach the drawer unit to the back lower base of the cupboard front

so you are making the cupboard front into an enormously high drawer front

and putting the drawer runners inside your standard unit in the bottom drawer position

slot your tall drawer into the runners and voila !
( yes I have done it...I'm not just making this up)

it will cost you about £20 if you buy a really decent one ( less if not)
you can then put any selection of bins you like in your new pull out recycling system
hope you understood that explanation

sacbina Mon 07-Jul-14 17:57:32

brilliant, thank you.
mumsnet is just so fab smile

Barbs111 Thu 10-Jul-14 09:33:42

I had one fitted in when I moved into this house, I ended up ripping it out bloody useless, mine was also in a 500 cupboard! The compartments were to small so ended up needing emptying constantly or things didn't fit anyway and not one other person in my house could get to grips with the fact you had to OPEN the cupboard then pull the draw OPEN to pop the rubbish in, I just ended up with piles of food and rubbish chucked in on top of it, and things always fell dine behind or under so ended up stinking!

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