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Getting a chocolate stain out of a white t-shirt.

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Any suggestions? I have a new white t-shirt, worn only once, and I managed to drop dark chocolate on it, and not notice until it had melted in. I washed it the next day, with stain removal liquid (DrBeekmans) on it, and Tesco in-wash stain remover for whites, but there is still a stain there.

I've tried spraying on a bit of bleach, but that hasn't got rid of it - so does anyone have a magic solution, or am I going to have to dye this t-shirt and buy a new white one?

PestoSurfissimos Tue 17-Jun-14 11:46:01

Vanish soap bar & cold water pre-washing usually works, but you could still try this prior to washing again.

Good luck!

PestoSurfissimos Tue 17-Jun-14 11:46:50

Then hang out on the line in the sunshine afterwards to bleach out any residual stain.

Furball Tue 17-Jun-14 12:01:54

Deffo put in the sunshine.

I was gobsmacked when an unknown stain came out of ds white t shirt just from that. until then I'd tried everything

Furball Tue 17-Jun-14 12:02:36

T shirt needs to wet though and to dry outside

Thank you - I will get a vanish bar and start praying for sunshine. I do live in Scotland, though .... grin

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