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organising toys!!!

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spacegirl81 Fri 27-Dec-13 09:07:43

I have DS1 2.6 and DS2 1.4 and we have so much stuff!! They have some stuff to share and their own stuff. we are moving in a few weeks and they will have their own playroom in the new house so I need some ideas on storage and how to organise stuff! they have cars, puzzles, craft stuff and lots of other toys!! grin

Bubbless Fri 27-Dec-13 09:13:05

I was thinking of getting some small storage boxes from wilkos and labelling them 'puzzles', 'cars' etc, but I have no where to put said labelled and filled boxes!!

oadcb Fri 27-Dec-13 09:17:22

Expedit its the only way forward.....

MrsHerculePoirot Fri 27-Dec-13 09:17:29

We have the trofast ikea storage which is brilliant. You can chose to have big or small boxes, or a mixture and various shape frames to put the boxes in. I did buy lids for the boxes, but wouldn't bother again as we have taken them all off and don't use them. I have the sort of stepped ones in DD's room and then we have used the stepped sides for books and games.

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Fri 27-Dec-13 09:18:41

Another vote for IKEA Tröfast

BobPatSamandIgglePiggle Fri 27-Dec-13 09:21:05

Definitely Ikea Expedit - with their little boxes inside some for paint brushes, pens and stuff. Trying to persuade DH that we need a unit in the living room.

onedogandababy Fri 27-Dec-13 09:23:28

Ikea expedit vote from me as well!

spacegirl81 Fri 27-Dec-13 09:29:58

ooo thank you! will definitely check it out!!! grin

Weelady77 Fri 27-Dec-13 09:46:19

I've not got either as my kids are older but I'd defo go for the trofast, I'm nipping to ikea today to get a small white lack coffee table and some pink boxes to store my dd lego as we've spent 2 days building and she doesn't want them broken up and my coffee table is currently a lego friends city!!

Rooners Fri 27-Dec-13 09:51:45

Ok right, we are THE most messy, unorganised household imaginable, seriously, people just do not come round, well not more than once smile

Anyway I sorted this last year. Bear in mind I have 3 boys - 10, 6 and nearly 1.
We had loads of those big flexi tubs with toys in them, all mixed up.

I think it took about a week in all.
Went through all the boxes, sorting them into sets (knex, magnetix, gears, puzzle pieces etc). I had loads of carrier bags around me.

Then we went and got a load of Wham boxes and Really Useful boxes from Staples. With lids (this is critical)

Everything has got its own box now, they get swapped around when quantities increase and so on, but basically, everything is in a clear or translucent box with a lid and they stack, so all the ones of one size can go on top of each other, and you can get various sizes so it's brilliant.

Far cheaper than trofast I think - could be wrong, but we're nowhere near an Ikea anyway.

Finally we know what toys we have got. Oh and shelf wise we got some metal garage shelves from Argos when they were reduced, which have got MDF shelves, and the boxes can go on those when you feel like having a clear floor. But I prefer just to keep them stacked.

Rooners Fri 27-Dec-13 09:52:40

Lego by the way, well there is so much of it here that ds1 has a massive sit-on plastic box in his room that is full.

it's kept completely separate from all the other toys. This works well as otherwise it got everywhere - it's also banned from the living room.

oadcb Fri 27-Dec-13 10:43:03

These baskets fit the expedit. They hold tons.

We are off to get some for my sons room. Just need to decide which colour.

spacegirl81 Fri 27-Dec-13 11:03:00

thank you smile

happydutchmummy Fri 27-Dec-13 22:45:49

Another shout out for the ikea expedit unit. Get one as large as possible, we have a 4x4 one and its only just big enough. We got the canvas boxes from Argos (3 for £10) and they seem to have lasted ok. We have separated the toys into a box of blocks, box of art stuff, music box, puzzles, small toys, tea set, play dough, duplo, etc. The only thing is that I've become a bit ocd about making sure everything is in its correct `home`. To airbrushing up easier I have a rule of only one box out at a time.

BigWellyLittleWelly Fri 27-Dec-13 22:52:52

We have a 2x4 Expedit and I've just arranged to go and view a 5x5 secondhand, they are my favourite for organising the DC toys. We have a playroom and also a play area in the kitchen (the lounge is ours! ) and I like the toys which migrate to be stored in an Expedit between the two rooms.

I also like they are robust bits of furniture. My unit is at least seven years old, it has moved house four times, at times being a pieces of bedroom furniture, study furniture, living room, kitchen and now hallway. Really cannot recommend it enough.

oadcb Sun 29-Dec-13 08:39:38

Bump for similar post

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