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what cleaning spray do you use for cleaning your bathroom?

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jasmin27 Mon 15-Jul-13 12:12:32

Just that really, we live in very hard water area and have 2 young dc's. ideally I would like to use a cleaning spray with bleach on a regular basis but feel it's too harsh especially as dd has sensitive skin. I currently use fairy liquid to clean the bath but would prefer something quicker.

Loopylala7 Mon 15-Jul-13 12:25:07

Maybe one of those steam mops? They are meant to be amazing at cleaning and only use water?

I use several different ones. Method spray for just general every day wiping down surfaces etc. Ecover Lime remover spray on the tiles behind the bath, once a fortnight or so. Flash Spray with bleach on the alternating weeks with the Ecover. I feel both of these are too smelly for everyday use but they are very effective. I use HG Bath cleaner liquid as my weekly bath scrub, wipe it down with an e cloth in between.

We have very hard water too, but have an enamel bath so you have to use limescale removers very sparingly as they can attack the enamel. Chlorine bleach based ones you need to be very careful not to mix with the limescale removing ones because of the fumes.

BellaVida Mon 15-Jul-13 12:35:31

Have you tried bicarbonate of soda with very hot water? You will probably still need to use a lime scale remover intermittently.

PeterParkerSays Mon 15-Jul-13 12:38:37

The best one I've found is the Cif mousse that you can leave on and let work. That's really good. At the moment we have Mr Muscle kitchen and bathroom which is crap - the spray nozzle doesn't work well and it's spraying out puny ammounts when it's obvious there are loads left.

If you have a Kleeneze catalogue, these are really good at cleaning the tiles, and particularly at cleaning tile grout.

tacal Mon 15-Jul-13 14:44:51

My ds has very sensitive skin so I mainly use bicarbonate of soda. Occasionally I will use a cleaning spray or disinfectant. Though I dont live in a hard water area.

KatyTheCleaningLady Tue 16-Jul-13 11:34:03

I'm a fan of the Flash bathroom spray, but I don't live in a hard water area. It's acidic, but I don't know how well it copes on hard deposits.

Bicarb is caustic, and mildly abrasive. Caustic is not what you need on limescale, so I'm not sure you'd be better off using that than a specially formulated product.

Viakal on the bits that need it should be effective, but I'm not sure about then using Flash for the rest because you'd have to be meticulous about never mixing chemicals.

Bleach used in cleaning bathrooms is not harmful to people. It evaporates/dissipates readily and by the time your daughter uses the bath, won't be a problem. However, it's not effective on limescale, just mold and stains. You need to be careful using bleach if you're also using a descaler.

valiumredhead Tue 16-Jul-13 11:57:12

I really like the new Cif easy lift and I'm usually under whelmed with bathroom cleaners.

Indith Tue 16-Jul-13 12:00:19

My own spray made of a squeeze of washing up liquid, a slosh of vinegar and then water in a spray bottle.

PigletJohn Tue 16-Jul-13 17:00:48

whatever's the cheapest bathroom spray. not a cream cleaner as they are abrasive.

It is all a lot easier with a water softener... start saving.

Vivacia Wed 17-Jul-13 06:36:11

I also live in a very hard water area. I use a solution of water, vinegar and oil (for fragrance, but that's not needed). The trick to dealing with the limescale is to dry after cleaning. I have one of those Karcher cleaners for the tiles and shower screen.

Vivacia Wed 17-Jul-13 06:37:21

Sorry, meant to add that I'm much happier using vinegar rather than a mix of unknown chemicals and bleach near the children's skin.

jasmin27 Wed 17-Jul-13 23:39:06

thanks for all your tips. I think I will give the home made cleaning solutions a go. Oh and drying afterwards, why didn't I think of that.

FoundAChopinLizt Wed 17-Jul-13 23:50:05

I put some washing up liquid and some multipurpose cleaner in an old spray bottle. Then use a body puff and the spray mixture to clean the bath, sink or shower.

PigletJohn Thu 18-Jul-13 12:39:50

in hard water homes, I use cotton rags to polish the water off stainless drainers etc. Otherwise it leaves severe water marks and you end up using a chemical.

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